Ombatse: Umbugadu’s Tribunal Victory May Raise Ethnic Cleansing In Nasarawa



Many have faulted the Tribunal victory of Mr. David Umbugadu, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in Nasarawa against the incumbent Governor, Engr Abdullahi A. Sule of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The fear of many indigenes of the state, especially the non Eggon tribes is however, the growing spate of the known Eggon ancestral occultic group led by its former traditional leader, late Baba Alakyo because of Umbugadu’s victory.

It would recalled that  years ago, there was a heinous killing of security agents reported to have occasioned by the Ombatse Group and at the instance of its spiritual leader, Baba Alakio.

Since the declaration of Mr. Umbugadu at the election tribunal petition fears are ride in  other tribes in Nasarawa over the Eggon ancestral  group, Ombatse,  rearing its ugly head.

The killing of over one hundred Nigeria security men  years ago by the Ombatse group is still fresh with scaring looks on the minds of the people.

Umbugadu whose victory was  widely celebrated among the Ombatse group, has now made other ethnic nationalities, stakeholders of other tribes and security personnel afraid of the unknwon.

To people like Mrs. Mariam whose husband, a Police officer was killed by the Ombatse group  years ago, the coming of Mr. Umbugadu as the Governor of Nasarawa state will no doubt, resurrect the activities of the Eggon group to even operate in a broad day light.

In Nasarawa and the whole of Nigeria, Tuesday the seventh of May 2013, was a black day to be remembered as the brutally that killed ruthless security forces by the Eggon  local militia in Alakyo, Nasarawa Local Government Area.

The death of these security personnel was unabated ten years ago and killers are yet to be brought to book. 

The Ombatse group is suspected to be growing stronger,  while the country is moving on, but the families of the slain await to get justice.

The fear of many is that Umbugadu’s  victory may bring a lot of chaos to the state, with is Eggon  group, feeling it’s their time to do whatever they want to do.


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