X-Raying Prof  Suleiman Yahuza Imam’s Stewardship At NBAIS  



 Professor Yahuza Suleiman Imam did his basic primary education and joined the Provincial Arabic School, where he obtained a Junior Arabic and Islamic Studies Certificate. He proceeded to Al Azhar institute in Cairo, Egypt for his secondary education, setting the stage in his journey to acquire knowledge in Arabic language.

Professor Imam obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arabic at Al Azhar University, a Post Graduate Diploma at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies. He bagged his Master’s degree in Linguistics (Arabic) and then a Doctorate from the same institution.

He started his teaching career and worked with a few universities, Cairo Radio and Television in Cairo. 

He later returned to Nigeria and continued to work in the academia at the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, where he held several positions, supervised several PhD theses, rose in rank and finally elevated to a professor in 2019.

Prior to his appointment as the Registrar/CEO, National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies, NBAIS, Professor Imam was the Director, Quality Assurance of the agency on sabbatical. He is a member of several professional associations in Cairo, and a member of the Nigerian Association of Teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

An Advisor of Human Development and Information Technology which is in alignment with the Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values of the Board of NBAIS is indeed on the right tract as Imam is doing everything humanly possible in ensuring that the Board compete fervently with other national Examination body like WAEC, NECO and others. NBAIS is older than NECO and for Prof Imam that is the focal point of the board. 

As an External Examiner with Bayero University Kano, Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto and Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively, Professor Imam has attended several international and local conferences. He also presented over 13 conference and seminar papers in addition to 11 post promotion papers.

Professor Imam is married and blessed with kids. He has over 27 publications in Nigeria and overseas. The NBAIS helmsman is a recipient of a Merit Award as the best student in Al Azhar University in 1996, 1997 and 1998. 

In barely few months of assumption of office, the erudite, venerated and impeccable Registrar/CEO, NBAIS, Prof. Yahuza S. Imam embarked on a tour, to see things for himself, to all offices to supervise and monitor examinations. This is significant as it portrays Imam as a technocrat par excellence who fully understands the dynamics and expectations of his office. No wonder, at all centres visited, members of staff were indeed in joyful mood, saying, “This is the first of its kind that a registrar will be visiting immediately on assumption of office. This is commendable and should be sustained”.

The chief executive officer’s inspection visit to all NBAIS centers nationwide is a pointer to the fact that, he is poised to reposition the agency towards achieving its statutory mandate. Indeed, this is matching words with actions. 

According to Professor Imam, “NBAIS, God willing, is now a household name in Nigeria as we plan for expansion in all states of the federation with the support of the stakeholders. The Board is surely on the right path of national and international acceptability with the right trajectory and robust plans”.

He who urged the staff, management and all stakeholders to join hands in taking the Board to greater heights. “We shall work assiduously to ensure that the basic function of the board is achieved, especially in areas of supervision of all Arabic schools and colleges, development curriculum and syllabus ensuring standard amongst other things”.

Professor Imam disclosed that the Board has gone through a lot of transformation which has helped in service delivery. So, NBAIS’ as the  National Examination body charged with enormous responsibility of supervision and others is doing great under the watchful eyes with the erudite Professor Suleiman Yahuza Imam is moving NBAIS to the next level desirous of emulation. Effective conduct and monitoring of the Senior Arabic and Islamic Secondary Schools Certificate of NBAIS and Advocacy among others too numerous to mention here.

NBAIS has witnessed grandiose and increased recognition within Nigeria and beyond under his leadership. Within these Months vehement achievements have been made is various areas of improvement with remarkable footprints in the endorsement of the Board’s SAISSCE by relevant stakeholders.

People from all works of life have described Prof Imam as a great friend! “Strong headed’, adamant’, reliable ally. General of the common sense revolution in business non extravagant’, honest and blunt to a fault’ great and good example of common sense revolution man with courage of conviction, knowledgeable driven by the well-being of others’, unhappy with unjust system’, an activist’,  ‘ change agent’, ‘a social democrat’, technocrat, a “dogged fighter’, among several accolades attributed to him. 

It’s noteworthy that the former Registrar of the Board, Professor Muhammad Shafiu Abdullahi (Wakili Makarantar Zazzau), had played a vital role in the establishment of NBAIS as a national examination body under the Federal Ministry of Education. Professor Abdullahi described his successor as a hardworking educationist, a straightforward person whose quality and integrity have been tested and trusted over the years. 

NBAIS certainly relies on top-notch administrative professionals with the right acumen like Imam to succeed. So, as an astute administrator. Imam, who is described by his peers as a ‘man who the cap fits’ will surely put things in a proper perspective in the Board of NBAIS, by keeping it running efficiently having been mentored by Abdullahi who played a fatherly role and mentorship at NBAIS.

 Peers described Prof Yahuza S Imam as a good friend, workaholic, reliable ally, a General of the common sense revolution in business, non-extravagant, honest and blunt to a fault, courageous, knowledgeable, a change agent, compassionate, dogged fighter, among several other accolades and encomiums.

The registrar’s recent charge to staff to sit up and do more in order for the interest of the Board, it is indeed, a clarion call to duty he added.

Already, NBAIS is wearing a new look, given the ongoing turnaround. Prof Imam is, no doubt, the propeller of this innovative outlook. His intellectual prowess and as a goal-getter disposition may have largely accounted for his appointment.

Imam, an erudite Professor of Arabic studies and Modern Literature, a technocrat who fully understands the dynamics and workings of NBAIS, for sure, his appointment came at a critical time when his ingenuity, veracity, and expertise are needed to resuscitate the NBAIS. 

Since Nigerians’ expectations from the Prof Suleiman Yahuza Imam are high, it is necessary for him to stay focused which is the hallmark for high performance. 

The good job currently going at NBAIS’s offices nation wide is mind-blowing as the monumental turnaround is great. Looking at the ten (10) years working modality or plans which includes stort and long plans explains that, Prof Imam is the right man for the job. Imam needs not to be told of what to do in term of internally revenue generation is also a focal point.

 It is a call to nation building. Imam understands his mandates like the back of hands. He has the while withal to to take National Board for Arabic and Isamic studies NBAIS comparatively. He is focus in putting the right people in the right places is developmental. We, therefore, expect result-oriented policies and programmes; and as Prof. Imam has already hit the ground running.

Imam will surely consolidate on the successes recorded in NBAIS, considering his wealth of experience, knowledge and background. The good legacies of NBAIS will be resuscitated, sustained and enhanced because, NBAIS is Imam’s constituency. The entire workforce will have no cause to worry under Prof Imam’s leadership and watch, because of his deep knowledge of the workings of the Board. 

Prof Imam is indeed a goal getter, with excellent and right attitude, calmed and delighted in the full actualization of NBAIS Mandate, Mission, Vision and Core Values which is on course as amplified by the agency:s stakeholders who are pleased with his leadership acumen and styles.

It is his philosophy and principle of the NBAIS boss that, all members of staff must add values, ensure and imbibe culture of discipline as a Hallmark of any reputable organization and NBAIS’ is not an exception.  

He truly believes that  good name is better and greater than silver and gold. As advocate of united Nigeria, strong believer in the Nigerian projects where all hands must be on deck. An anti corruption crusader. A great family man who treats everyone with dignity. He is  a greater mentor who doesn’t need  distraction of any kind but need for our undiluted supports anyway we can for all and sundry as his main focus is for the Board of NBAIS. Imam has shown sincere purposeful leadership qualities since coming onboard with great policies and programmes that are yielding great results in many areas of his mandates.

So, continue with your sterling leadership qualities. There is no gain-saying that we expect good policies and programmes from the current Registrar/CEO, NBAIS. He knows NBAIS too well administrative wise.

He has the wherewithal to take the agency to enviable heights. He needs no introduction. What he needs is the support of members of staff to greater successes,   as  NBAIS is the right track.

Mohammed Dauda Eibo, is a Media and Communication Specialist sent in this piece  from Kado F CT, Abuja


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