Of Yahaya Bello And The Tangled Web Of Detractors (OPINION)



The times are excitingly splendid for thinking, and the moment instructive. In my previous Press Statements I captured like a clairvoyant the times and the moment. And the drama is playing out speedily.

Before us is the Political fervency and currency of 2023, and without equivocation there are two clear divides already, the one is the group that seek political power for good and are engaging with the people, in this group Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi comes top. And the second is the group that seek power by all means and for selfish end, and to this group falsehood, deceit, debauchery and blackmail is king. Failing to push through with narrowing down the political space through zoning and rotation of the Presidency, they have deployed their goons armed with falsehood and deceit, but yet again, their lies won’t stick.

Sir Walter Scott captured the moment succinctly in that great quote of his from which I strictured the caption of this piece. “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

I shall place before you a few direct shots of those who have refused to build structures for what they consider their 2023 ambition, but have chosen to lie and trade deceit against the manifest front runner Governor Yahaya Bello GYB whose structures are presently effective, efficient and effectual across the nation. Youths and Elders alike are united in the call for the New Deal that GYB epitomizes.

They have told many lies against GYB, and we have consistently and clearly rebutted them, but for the umpteenth time let me place the records straight. And if you cannot research the facts, do not at least give vent and life to their lies and falsehood, because they won’t stick.

  1. They have lied that GYB does not pay workers. And the Truth is that GYB is not owing salaries. It is also an undeniable fact that Kogi State tops the Chart in the payment of Teachers and Medical/Health Workers in Nigeria.
  2. They say that GYB is not a performer. The truth is that Kogi State under GYB Kogi State has the most functional Rice Mill in Nigeria today. That today the Kogi State capital Lokoja is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. That Kogi State under GYB leads the pack in the roll call of States that are servicing their local debts. That Kogi State with 9 borders including the FCT is the safest State in the North, and the second safest State in Nigeria. That Kogi State is the most gender sensitive and women friendly government in Nigeria. That Kogi State is the most Youth inclusive state in Nigeria, and the record continues.
  3. They lied that Kogi State put a whooping 20billion naira loan meant for the payment of Salaries into an interest yielding account in Sterling Bank. Unfortunately for the liars who have continued to push that false narrative, the Bank has denied the existence of any such funds. And the State of Kogi has not only refuted that daybreak falsehood but have taken legal steps against the purveyors of that falsehood.
  4. They have lied alleging improper disbursement of the COVID-19 funds by Kogi State. Forgetting that it is on record that Kogi State is the only state in Nigeria that has deployed some of the funds in building and upgrading her medical facilities. Remarkably the construction of one of the best ultra modern Hospitals in the whole of Africa is ongoing in Okene, Kogi State. Today that hospital is more than 65% ready. And clearly Resident Doctors and Health Workers have said severally that Kogi State is one of the few States that has religiously kept with their obligation to Medical Workers.
  5. They have lied about the prudence of the GYB administration. Unfortunately for them, every index of financial decency, credibility, prudence, accountability and decorum have shown the administration of the Accountant and Auditor called Governor Yahaya Bello GYB as topnotch and above board.
  6. They have lied against his strides in human capital development. Alas Kogi State is one of the States with the least prevalence of communicable diseases including the COVID-19 scourge. And Kogi State does not only feature in the chart of the States with the best compliance with the Mellenium Development Goals requirements, but has built many skill acquisition centres and have also trained so many in modern farming skills.
  7. The lie that GYB has dumped his aspiration for the high office of President and started lobbying for the position of Vice President is the cheapest and the most kindergarten of the many lies of the detractors. However we do not grudge the cowardice of those who have sleepless nights because of GYB. Take this to the Bank, Governor Yahaya Bello GYB is in the race for good, and come 2023 it will be a promise kept and a new walk as PYB. The fact we hold dear is that it is Youth O’Clock and GYB is the baton holder and the grail bearer of that trust, and we are committed to the path to a New Nigeria.

We shall therefore continue to ceaselessly debunk the perfidy of those who have made deceit and debauchery their manifesto for 2023. And we shall persistently present the GYB magic as the visible and viable choice for a better Nigeria come 2023. God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr. is the National Coordinator GOT YOUR BACK GYB NIGERIA


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