NNPP Governorship Aspirant Sues For Peace In Kaduna


By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Kaduna State, Alhaji Ahmad Tijjani Umar, has called on the Federal and Kaduna State governments to urgently take steps to curb spate of killings, kidnapping and the security challenges bedeviling the people of the state.
In a statement, the governorship aspirant issued, he noted, “Having followed with keen interest happenings in Kaduna state for quite sometimes, I thanked the good people of the state for looking unto the Almighty creator to intervene and ensure the restoration of sanity in the state coupled with killings, destruction of properties, kidnapping of innocent souls including school students and other people for ransom, among other things that have been happening in the state.”
According to Ahmad Tijjani Umar, ” The spate of killings, kidnapping, cattle rustling and other evil practices that are graduating gaining ground in parts of the state is worrisome. 
“These criminal activities have no doubt brought the state to its knees and have adversely affected the peace the state is known with and brought fear, economic hardship and objects poverty in the lives of the citizens as people are no longer free to move from one place to another in search of their daily needs. 
“It is evidently clear that our people are suffering in silence due to the activities of bandits and other criminal elements that have taken over the state to perpetuate their evil acts to the detriment of the majority.”
He noted that following the activities of these bandits, many have relocated leaving their homes to safer places, adding that many have been forced to pay ransom in millions of naira to get their loved ones back. 
Worst still, he added that many have been killed in the hands of the bandits while properties worth billions of Naira have also been destroyed, stressing that students have had their academic programmes altered due to the invasion of bandits kidnapping school children in different parts of the state thereby adversely affected the academic calendar in primary and secondary schools in the state.
The governorship aspirant lamented that the recent killings and destruction of properties in the Southern part of the state among others, are all incidents that call for serious action on the way forward in order to restore hope in the minds of the citizens, saying that the killings and destruction of properties stand condemnable.
He called on government to take desicive steps towards ensuring sanity in the system and create a conducive atmosphere that would guarantee people to showcase their full potentials in order to have a better standard of living.
He employed the people of the state irrespective of different of tribe or religion, to please come together so that they would be able to confront those planting evil in the society and live in a society devoid of any criminal gang but live in peace with each others as ordained by the Almighty God.
He commiserated with the good people of the state that have been going through all manners of ordeals, saying that he shares in all they are going through in the hands of bandits especially the recent killings and destruction of properties that took place in Agban Kagoro and part of Kafanchan in Kaura and Jema’a local government areas.
He lamented, “It is disheartening to see the destruction made in whatever interest. We need as human beings created in the likeness and image of the Almighty God begin to embrace each other for mutual understanding in spite of any different accommodate ourselves for a better living here on earth and for the blessing of our creator.
“Government at all levels must as a matter of urgency employ ways to quickly bring this ugly situation to a logical conclusion in order to pave way for our people to embrace themselves for a better living so that together we shall go about our various ways of legitimately pursue our means of livelihood for a peaceful and much better society devoid of any different for the overall prosperous future generations. 
“As the 2023 is fast approaching, we should unite and pray for the Almighty to give us good leaders at all levels that can restore sanity and hope for the country. I strongly believed that we can not achieve anything concrete without coming together to understand ourselves for the overall interest of the state and country.”


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