Nigeria need system overhauling and rebuilding to overcome recession – Cleric


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen in Islam Worldwide and President of Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum (AECF), Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke has declared that Nigeria need total system overhauling and rebuilding as a way out of the present recessed economy.
Professor Olagoke stated this in his message at a programme on the Hijrah, Islamic new year titled “Nigeria at 56: Time for Ethical Revolution” held at the International Headquarters of Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide in Ibadan
The Cleric stressed that  this stands as the only possible way out for  country to get over her present problems with which many have died and impoverished millions others.
According to Professor Olagoke, for the much publicised change mantra to be a reality in Nigeria, there is the urgent need for system overhauling and rebuilding with the current economic recession.
“Core value erosion has led to loss of integrity with consequent environment of impunity in the management and administration of our human and material resources. All indicators of development have low scores with downward profile from one regime to the other”he said.
The Cleric maintained that “the need for change has come with challenges of system overhauling and rebuilding in the face of a recessed economy”, adding, “this situation calls for the expertise of all Professionals, Organizations and Societies in proffering appropriate solutions to save Nigeria from imminent disintegration and collapse”.
Professor Olagoke pointed out that “to date, the system and subsystems are dysfunctional  giving hardship and poor human development index  ( 0.478) manifesting in low life expectancy (48), 8% rating for infrastructure, 70% poverty index, kleptomania and endemic corruption in high places including the MDAs and Government, insecurity, company relocation with aggravating unemployment saga”.
“A comparative analysis of Nigeria with South Korea and Malaysia revealed our level of backwardness rather than development as the basis for our downturn economy. South Korea and Malaysia have Steel and Palm oil respectively as Value Chains while Nigeria experiences a colossal waste of resources in this respect”.
He lamented that “we celebrate mediocrity and promote thieves rather than sanctioning them in Nigeria at the expense of Community and National development” and that “ethical revolution must be wired into the fabrics of all stake holders to have hitch-free service to the nation while our Ivory Towers must be part of the Think Tanks for Government on the issues of functional diversification of the economy, revamping of the recessed economy, zero tolerance to corruption and institutionalization of discipline and culture of integrity”.
“Celebration of Nigeria independence at 56 recently will only be meaningful if we can reflect and with determination of purpose collectively too, revert back to a glorious era of integrity and ethical practices for productive venture in our routine life activities – civil/public and political services to this nation, Nigeria.”


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