Mothers Day: Parents Urged To Ensure Sound Moral Values

Increasing cases of moral decadence, societal vices including spiral crime waves are direct fallouts from the lost of grip on children from homes by parents just as divorce is attributed as the cause of most broken homes and waywardness amongst children.
Parents as caretakers of children have therefore failed and are to be blamed for the turn of events in our societies and country as a whole.
This was the kernel in the submissions by clergies as Christians marked this year’s Mother’s Day in various churches in Minna, the Niger State capital.
For the way forward and out of the present rot, the different speakers challenged parents not to give up in the task of praying for their children to lead them into becoming good tomorrow’s leaders.
They posited that for children to become responsible, law abiding citizens, not societal burdens, social misfit, parents must ensure that children under their watchful eyes are nurtured, corrected whenever they go off the mark.
The Shepherd at the Divine Field Ministries, Pastor Billie Bije said in her sermon to mark the day, that Christian homes have the onerous task to reposition the country from sliding down into the abyss. She said divorce is a dead kneel on unity and the church.
She said Christian mothers in particular have to learn how to rise up above shadows and storms of the end times and persevere in whatever difficulties they face in bringing up disciplined children by being prayerful against the manipulations by the kingdom of darkness.
”We must remain fervent in asking God to intervene and keep our homes upright. She said the enemy was sweeping through homes to rubbish the church, society and country.”
Pastor Bije lamented over the scourge of divorce which she noted was trending as if it is a novel thing to do. She cautioned that divorce amongst Christians was an enemy factor against the plan of God for humanity.
In a separate message, the wife of the Vicar of the Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church, Sabon Gari, Minna, Mrs. Gladys Ijeoma Mgbemena said in an interview shortly after the 2018 Mothering Sunday Thanksgiving service that divorce is an anathema to God’s original plan for mankind.
Mrs. Mgbemena who is the Women’s District President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild at the Diocese of Minna, (Anglican Communion) said divorce has negative consequences on children.
She reminded Christian women in particular about their God given responsibility of building the homes, a task she stressed must not be sacrificed for anything.
Speaking on the year’s Mothering Sunday service with the theme; “i am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ”, Gladys Mgbemena argued that increase in cases of divorce amongst Christians was becoming worrisome and therefore called for fervent prayers for God’s intervention.
She noted that though parents were bound to be faced with storms of life as encumbrances and challenges, mothers should not relegate God given role of buiding decent homes for a better society.
She said building homes with the fear of God will translate into a better society for the good of humanity and for posterity.
Mgbemena blamed the negative characters common to present day children to the influx of social media and peer groups. She therefore urged mothers to always be friendly
with their children to monitor them well and be open up to them when faced with such negative tendencies.
She similarly urging parents to monitor the kind of firms their children watch, what they do on the internet and the kind of friends they keep as company.
“As mothers, we must not spare the rod and spoil the child” she pointed out. Be friendly with your children and by doing so, you will be able to discover their shortcomings and correct them accordingly” she added.
Mgbemena quoted from various portions of the Bible on children’s upbringing and stressed that building a Godly home is a task that must be carried out for posterity, the good of humanity and for the reason of making heaven.
She said since “Children are gifts from God, taking good care of them is clarion call from God. She argued that where parents failed to discharge their duties properly, the same gifts from God could be a source of sorrow if not well cared for.


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