Killings In Southern Kaduna: Our Patience Exhausted, Says President Atyap Community.


As the crisis in Southern Kaduna continues with eleven villagers allegedly killed by militias in yet another bloodbath barely a week ago , President of Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA), Samuel Achie  has said his people would no longer tolerate the  killings in their land .
In a press conference, Comrade Achie explained that a total of 16 people were killed, 38 houses burnt and over 100 villagers displaced in 10 communities in a spate of two consecutive days in Atyap Community.
While pointing accusing fingers at the military for allegedly giving cover to rifle – carrying -herders while failing to do same to defenceless rural communities being attacked by terrorists.

Achie warned that his kinsmen would withdraw from the state government’s peace accord, saying he sees no need for truce  which he noted, has failed to stop killing of the Atyap people.
” The unfortunate thing is anytime there is a peace meeting with either government officials, representatives of Fulani organizations or the NGOs to advancing peace , the next will be an attack on our land by militias who disappear without any trace which is very strange to us .
” We have cried enough , buried our people enough and lost enough houses and properties and We can’t take it anymore.
” If peace is to be achieved , the Fulani in Zango urban should be advised to leave as it is strange that the Hausas and Fulanis who have never stayed together as it is the case now .
” All sons and daughters of Atyab believe that the Fulanis there either recruit or serve as guides to the perpetrators of these killings in our land because whenever there’s an attack and the attackers are pursued by our people they run into Zango for safety with the Hausas.
” The international community should know that what is going on in southern Kaduna is a pure case of genocide.
” The government should appraise the performance of all military personnel as there appears to be a disconnect btw what they’re supposed to do and what they’re doing.
” What is going on in our land is carefully planned to eliminate us from our ancestral homes .
” Federal and state govts should compensate and resettle victims of these attacks to alleviate their sufferings.
” Lovers of peace should come to the aid of Atyap community so that peaceful coexistence is restored in our land , ” he urged.


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