KASU Professor Protests Exclusion From Kadpoly Rectorship Interview

Kaduna Polytechnic


A lecturer with the Kaduna State University, Prof. Muhammad Sani Yahaya has cried foul for being excluded by Kaduna Polytechnic Governing Council from candidates seeking to be rector of the Northern Premier institution established by the British Colonial Govt in 1956.

Prof . Yahaya in a press statement said he was disqualified by the institution’s Governing Body because he was now teaching at KASU on Secondment from Kaduna Polytechnic.

He explained that he had been in the services of Kaduna poly , an institution he noted he joined in 1994 as an assistant lecturer , rose through the rank by becoming a professor , adding that he saw no justifiable reason for his disqualification from taking part in the Rectorship interview.

He accused the institution’s Governing Body of defying the polytechnic Act by disqualifying a candidate who applied for a post of the Rector of Kaduna Poly on the ground that he was a Professor teaching in a university.

The Professor of Agriculture appealed to Minister of Education , Governor elRufai , Emir of Zazzau , Executive Secretary of NBTE , Chairman House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services among other relevant personalities to prevail on Kadpoly Governing Council to rescind its decision in the interest of fairness , justice and the rule of law.

” I have been illegally excluded from the interview for the post of Rector Kaduna Poly in a gross violation of my unalienable right and out of four other candidates that rose to the rank of Chief Lecturers from same institution .

” Three , including the current acting rector of the instruction were called for interview while I was deliberately excluded which is very unfair .

” I believe I was also discriminated against on purpose in favour of selected and favoured candidates for the post while We are all equal in the sight of the law , ” he said .


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