Kaduna Master Plan Bill scales 2nd Reading By; Samson Yaki, Kaduna.


Kaduna Master Plan Bill scales 2nd Reading 
By;  Samson Yaki, Kaduna.
The Bill for the Law to provide Kaduna Master Plan in the State House of Assembly has scaled through second reading.
The Bill is an Executive Bill seeking to implement the original Kaduna Master Plan.
Deliberating on the Bill, Honourable Danladi A. Kwasu representing Zango Kataf constituency observed that the Bill before the House is without the Master Plan Schedule which will guide the Law Makers in their proceedings.
Honourable Kwasu maintained that without the Schedule, the Law Makers may not have a sense of direction and purpose and may pass laws that are detrimental to the people.
Pointing out some contradictions in the Bill, he referred to section seven of the bill which states that existing structures before the Bill will not be affected so long as they have backup papers, may be ambiguous in the implementation of the law if passed into law.
He therefore advised the honourable members to be careful to avoid any abuse of Bills.
Honourable Nuhu Goro Shadalafiya representing Kagarko constituency on his part, submitted that section 11 of the bill provided answers to the ambiguities raised by Honourable Kwasu that the bill adequately takes care of the needs of both the people and the government and urged the members to support the Bill.
“We want to bring sanity to the state and make it a place of abode” Honourable Goro added.
Honourable Bityong Yakubu Nkom of Kaura constituency stressed the need to follow the Master Plan to have a planned environment and controlled development while he called for the Schedule to be attached to guide the Legislators.
Honourable Nkom also called for public hearing to ascertain the impulse of the Bill on the people. He suggested a form of interaction between the people and the government to have a firsthand plight of the public for easy and proper implementation of government policies and programmes.
While Honourable Bello Sani in his submission threw light on the Bill that it is not a mandate for the Executive to carry out indiscriminate demolition but for planning and development as the Speaker of the House put it.
Honourable Sani cautioned that the law makers should strike a distinction between people’s wants and needs, pointing out that the people may talk of their wants while the government wants to provide their need which is most important.
From the point of view of honourable Abdulraham Idris representing Ikara constituency, the Bill is timely given the fact that we are in advanced society and need to move in tune with time.
The Bill has been referred to the joint committees on Land and Survey, Town Planning and Judiciary for proper adjudication.


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