Intensify war on corrupt office holders, FG told By; Buhari B. Bello, Jos.


Intensify war on corrupt office holders, FG told

By; Buhari B. Bello, Jos.
The Federal Government have been advised to as matter of priority intensify the ongoing war against corrupt public Office holders to serve as deterrent to those who may want to sabotage government policies and the nation economy.
Secretary Council of Ulama, Jama atul izalatul Bid`a wa ikamatus  Sunna (JIBWIS), Sheik Alhassan Sa`eed, made the call in an interview with New Nigerian in Jos.
The Islamic Cleric observed that, “ It is unthinkable for a single public officer to steal billions of naira that would have been used for the development of the country and benefit of the masses”.
According to him, the present regime has promised Nigerian Electorates that it will deal with such public office holders when campaigning for votes, “hence the need to continue waging the war without fear or favour”.
He said the federal government cannot afford to negotiate with any culprit “because fighting corrupting in Nigeria will mean repositioning the country among the Africa nation”.
On the increasing attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents, the Islamic Cleric warned the federal government against negotiating with those he called “terrorist” working to taint the image of Islam”.
Shiek Sa` eed lamented over the unfortunate attacks noting that “the group deserve no mercy from Nigerians in view of the crime and mayhem they perpetrated in the affected areas”.
He reiterated that millions of Nigerians including men, women and children were affected by the menace of the group “especially in the North-East region where devastation is high”.
Commenting on the hardship currently being faced by Nigerian masses, he employed electorates to be patient “over the difficulties being experienced due to increasing cost of living”.
The Islamic Cleric explained that Nigeria like a Human part, “has been fractured by bad governance owing to the fraudulent activities of political Office holders in the past”.


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