Idi Hong: The Lion And Civilian General Who Roared For Fintiri’s Victory



He is young and agile, brave and forthright, he is intelligent and versatile. He can be seen as a regimented civilian general, who will live to fight in keeping the tenets of democracy for the common good of all.

I’m talking about a medical doctor, a former Minister of State for Health and Foreign Affairs, a businessman, and a philanthropist who is a household name in Adamawa and known for much passion to serve humanity.

This man was born on 31st December 1967 in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Is no other person, is Dr. Aliyu Idi Hong, the man that helped in consolidating Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s victory of the Adamawa State PDP.

Idi building to the general elections, played sensitive roles to ensure his party, PDP has a gliding victory. He went the rock ways, endured the pains of nooks and crannies campaign of Adamawa towns and villages, he fought for the liberation of people as a loyal army general who had sworn to die defending his nation. Yes, that was Idi’s mission, to make sure Fintiri returned elected.

The war-fighting spirit of Idi during the campaigns was of a warrior who was sure and ready to conquer his enemy under whatever guise. The nostalgic general sees only victory at the end of the battle. He fights for justice under the doctrines and dogma of Democracy tenets.

Idi’s disposition to justice was rekindled when a hullabaloo that seems to be a Nollywood film’s script  by the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Barr Yunusa Hudu Ari who at a collation center was playing a hanky panky game of delay suspicious to change the Adamawa election results.

There at the collation center, Idi showed up and began to fight for justice. His belief in the Adamawa Governorship election is to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. 

This valiant warrior fought for Fintiri, fought for Adamawa, and fought for humanity when the election was declared inconclusive. It was a war to finish for him to defend the people’s mandate. The dramatic journey with a seeming description of a civilian coup de tat on democracy was staged when Hudu with no constitutional back up, on a solo mission,  declared Sen Aishatu Binani of APC as the winner of the governorship election threw the entire nation into a state of confusion. Adamawa few weeks ago was more of having a grave yard peace with everyone  frustrated on what befell the state.

Idi was nicked name the  commander-general defending the election process of the people roared, yelled, and stood his ground against the open show of mandate assassination in a broad daylight by the APC guber candidate.

The attitude exhibited by Idi Hong has distinguished him to be promising man that Nigeria needs not only Adamawa State. He gave the right fight and struggled through the wild and vile interests of APC’s governorship candidate. 

Today, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been returned elected and has collected his certificate, returning him as governor of Adamawa State for the second term in a keen contest, even when it was so glaring they they were robbing him out of the mandate, but people like Idi Hong, Felix Tangwami, and Hon Barguma Hassan Mamman all contributed in one way or the other to ensure justice was done.

Idi for me, is another brilliant civilian general that Adamawa is proud to have to change the negative narratives that nothing good will ever come to the state. As a former minister, a business tycoon who is helping in managing the BUA company, a business conglomerate producing cement and allied products in the country. He is now a shining star with a radiant glory.

Idi is a gift, Idi is the ideal leader that the people of Adamawa should encourage to take leading roles in government affairs at both federal and state levels. He has all it takes, he has all the experience, is Young and strong, able and ready to take leadership roles for the state.

Idi defended, he protected and delivered what lawfully and legally belongs to the people of Adamawa. What a warrior! He and many others have paid proper dues not because they are PDP’s but because they are out for Justice, and for Democracy to stand tall in Nigeria.

Fintiri is indeed lucky to have this Man around, having him be part of a movement is a jewel to any leader that sees that virtue in him. Straight he is like a sword. Intelligent he is like the ancient men, he has wisdom like the people of old. Idi is a master piece creature created by eternal creator for solving problems of Mankind 

Sir, keep living and fighting for the common man. Keep roaring for democracy, and keep the hope of people in Adamawa alive by singing the song of victors.

Idi thank you for being a promising leader and a civilian general who can lay down his life for the whole people of the state. I see you as an Eagle who has the vision of serving Adamawa State at a much higher capacity in a near future.

Tom Garba, MA, SPSP, FIMC, FBDM, a journalist and peace expert, wrote this on top of the Mandara Mountains, Northern Adamawa


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