Hundreds Of Youth Rally In Support of Buhari In Kaduna


Youths in Kaduna drawn from several groups thronged the Murtala Mohammed  Square to stage a rally in support of President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday.
Speaking at the rally, Vice President of the Northern Youth Council, Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem said that youth from the North would not sit down and allow the South to hijack President Buhari.
He stressed that in view of the several achievements recorded by President Buhari in less than two years of being in-charge, they would support him all the way if he chooses to recontest in 2019.
“If it means donating 50, 50 Naira to support him to pick up his nomination form, we would do it,” he added.
Speaking further, he said that those accused of looting the country like Dasuki, Andrew Yakubu, Diezani and others should be made to pay for their crimes, through massive support from the masses.
“In spite of the recession, he has performed. It is now being understood that the recession was not caused by Buhari. Though we have come to hear the nickname Baba Go Slow. I tell you that this our Baba Go Slow is better than who spends five hours getting drunk and who indulges in homosexuality,” he said.
While speaking to newsmen during an interview, National Secretary Arewa Liberation  Movement, Kabiru Haruna Alfa said that Buhari has come to change the era of corruption which has plagued the country for the last 60 years.
“Now we have a government that has come to show that things must be done right,” he added.
Some of the inscriptions on the placards during the rally read; ‘death sentence for looters’ and other thought provoking suggestions.


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