Former VP Sambo’s Aide blames TSA for Nigeria’s Economic recession


‎Following the recession currently being faced by the Nigerian economy, ‎the former Special Adviser to the immediate past Vice President of Nigeria, Architect Muhammad namadi Sambo, Mallam Umar Sani (D-Cat) has blamed the Single Treasury Account (TSA) being implemented by the Buhari administration as the major cause of hunger and inflation in the country.
Mallam Sani said this when he received some journalists  who paid him Sallah homage in his Kaduna resident on Monday, ‎adding that the TSA is hindering the country’s economic growth, and that it was very wrong for one man to be in charge of disbursing money in a country like  Nigeria.
“President Buhari should relax this TSA of a thing; otherwise Nigerians will continue to suffer. If you watch, money is not in circulation because it is not just possible for one man to be disbursing it or approve before money is released in a country like Nigeria.  To me this is a wrong policy that has to be abolished for us to move ahead.” he stressed.
The former spokesperson to Namadi Sambo also said that apart from the TSA, closure of Nigerian boarders is one of the worst things that has happened to this country.
He emphasised the need for the government to make alternative arrangements of providing adequate essential commodities for Nigerian consumers before closing the boarders.
“Closure of our boarders is responsible for the high inflation in the land today because our production capacity cannot meet up with our demands now.  Competition on essential commodities is what crashes prices of goods but as it is now, no essential commodities and money is in circulation, hence the hunger and inflation in the land,” he said.
Sani however, advised President Buhari to carry every part of the country along in his governance, irrespective of which part gave him the highest vote.
“This is democracy and in democracy everybody must be carried along whether they voted you or not. A President should not overheat the polity by marginalising a section of the country because they did not vote him.
“Again, it is very wrong for our President to always go outside the country and announce that his country is corrupt, no country will take such country serious.” he said.


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