Ex-PTD Leader Warns Aggrieved Members Against Strike Amidst Election Crisis



A former National Treasurer of Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD),  Comrade Nuhu Muhammad,  has cautioned drivers, especially those from the Northern region, not to participate in any strike called by aggrieved leaders of the group following the recent national elections.

He also advised members not to allow themselves to be manipulated into causing  crisis within the association after the national election held recently in Ibadan, Oyo State Capital.

“There were reports of some members who were aggrieved after the election and are attempting to create a division in the association. This is not the best way to proceed,” he noted.

Muhammad emphasizes that there was no religious or tribal discrimination during the election, describing it as free and fair. 

He urged members to accept the election’s outcome in good faith, highlighting the integrity of the Northern leaders elected as part of the National Executives.

Expressing concern about the attacks on some elected officials by aggrieved members, he deemed such actions as unfortunate and called for nationwide calm.

“I’m urging drivers to be cautious and not allow themselves to be used by aggrieved members to instigate trouble and disunity in the association. The notion of going on strike should be disregarded,” he emphasizes.

Muhammad attributed the election-related crisis to past injustices within the association’s Northern leadership, where elections were halted, and leaders were anointed based on personal interests, leading to the recent turmoil.


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