Eight Year Anniversary: Christ Goshen City Assembly Harps on Purpose Driven Life Via Spiritual Gift


.*members laud founder, say she is God’s ordained


Christians have been urged to seek spiritual understanding of the word of God through fellowship, and consistent studying of the word to discover their purpose and greatness for accelerated growth and development of the nation.

Guest Speaker at the eight- Year anniversary celebration of Christ Goshen City Assembly, kaduna Rev. Aminu Ocheni made the call as part of effort to mark the event with the theme ‘lion in the tribe of Judah has prevailed’.

Reading from the book of Revelation 5:5, Rev Ocheni pointed to the fact that, celebrating eight years of God’s faithfulness was a worthy initiative which marks the begining of a new journey of greatness.

The clergyman tasked believers of Christ to be committed to the service of God, saying, that was the only qualification that would provide them with the requisite credentials to make exploit and prevail in their service to both God and humanity.

Ocheni said, to everyone, there was a gift, with diversities of Operations, but products of the same God and spirit as referenced in the book of Corinthians chapter 12 vs 4.

The guest speaker who spoke under the aunction of divine Providence identified the diversities of spiritual gifts and operations to include: the word of wisdom, knowledge, faith and healing alongside working of miracles, as well as prophesies and discerning of spirits among others.

Aminu Ocheni said during the eight years Anniversary celebration that God never gave his people religion, but Revelation with spiritual contents to move him to action, hence the need for faithfuls and religious leaders to refrain from operating under self righteousness, but embrace the spiritual aspect of Christianity to enhance religious growth and development.

“To everyone seated here, your usefulness is your calling/ministry, there is something God has deposited in you, and that is where your peace is tie to”,

“To understand your calling/ministry, you must understand God alongside his mode of operation”,

“There is no man or woman that is empty, the difference between those making exploit and those who are not is that, the former have discovered their purpose on earth, while the later are yet to discover it”, he explained.

On her part, host and founder of Christ Goshen City Assembly, kaduna Apostle. Helen Ikeleji said the program was aimed at building the spiritual capacity of Christians with a view to making them depend solely on God in handling situations and challenges associated with the times.

The Apostle of God said the carefully selected and well thought theme for the historic program was also to enlighten Christian faithfulls that they could be gualified with the right credentials to be chosen to serve in God’s vineyard as it was done during the days of old.

She stressed the need for Christians and religious leaders to be steadfast in prayers for divine intervention, and continue to contribute to national Development following the challenges of insecurity and economic development.

In an interview, Mr. John Alameka said he had been a member of the church right from Its’ inception, attesting to the fact that, the voyage started on the 17th, through 18th and then 19th November eight Years down the line as a ministry, and today, he is happy to be part of the journey that has transformed him from nobody to somebody.

In line with the vision and mission of the church, he asserted that, it was indeed a transformative, restorative, and fruitful ground, where lives have been touched positively, and nobody became somebody.

Another member who spoke under the condition of anonymity said, the anniversary celebration signifies new beginning, to do what God has not done in the church, adding that, members should expect something new and better.

With the myriads of signs and wonders that the church had witnessed within the period under review, he said, was an indication that God is taking them to a new dimension as the new beginning unfolds.

He, however, pointed to the fact that, Goshen City was a place where God has destined to raise and make men great, therefore, the need for members to count it as privilege, and stay focus, loyal and remain connected to attract God’s blessings as they remain there.

On her part, Mrs. Alameka described her experience as wonderful and life changing, saying, God has manifested himself to her at different fora, stressing that, bringing the guest minister for the anniversary celebration was a direct instruction, and that, his coming truly confirmed that he was sent by God.

Apostle Helen Glory Ikeleji is a woman of God that has never hesitated to obeying every bid of instruction given to her by God, and that according to her, was evident via her exploit in the church.

Speaking during an interview, Mrs. Maryam Sukai who had been a member for about two years after experiencing other churches, explained that the woman in the church is ordained by God.

She however enjoined members to claim those messages, obey them, and refrain from speaking evil about the one God has ordained and anointed, adding that, in no distant time, with just a touch of her garments, they would be made whole, blessed and encounter spiritual strength and greatness.

Also, on his part, Mr. James Ayuba said, he has been in the church for two years, and has encountered God, where he has seen growth, restoration and most importantly, has found a place of fellowship.

He described Evangelist Helen Ikeleji as someone who is natural and highly spiritual, while calling on members to be fervent, steadfast and connected, hence she’s more committed at achieving a family rather than just a mere ministry.


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