Economic diversication: KSHA to investigate decay in the agric sector


By; Samson Yaki, Kaduna.
The Kaduna State House of Assembly has mandated its committee on agriculture and forestry to as a matter of urgency investigate the factors militating against the decay in the agricultural development sector in Kaduna state.

This followed the motion on the need to resuscitate the zonal agricultural development offices in Kaduna State for efficiency and higher productivity.

Highlighting the motion, the sponsor, Honorable Kasim Iliyasawa said the need for the motion became necessary due to the dwindling oil revenue and the need to move from subsistence farming to mechanized farming.

Iliyasawa pointed out that lack of funding from Agricultural Banks is the chief militating factor against the sector in the state.

Contributing to the motion, Members aligned themselves to the motion as Honourable Nasiru Abdullahi Maikano, Member representing Unguwan Sunusi, lamented that Kaduna Agriculrural Development Programme (KADP) establishment was to provide some basic education and farm equipment to farmers, but nothing good can be written about them at the moment.

He pointed out that if the KADP’s are put into use, it will create employment for the teaming youth in Kaduna State.

On his own part, Honorable Bityong Yakubu Nkom, Member representing Kaura constituency, applauded the motion as he expressed dismay that the zonal agricultural offices used to be the larger employer of Labour, but since their return to comatose, many have lost their jobs.

He said by investigating the reasons of their comatose, they will get to the root of the problem.

Bityong added that the investigation will help in knowing how policies relating to the agencies have been implemented.

The Committee is expected to submit its report on the floor of the House on the 19th April, 2016.


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