Crisis Hits Miyetti Allah, Youth Kick Against Tenure Extension By National Executives

Miyetti Allah


A group under the aegis of Concern MACBAN Youth  has cried out over alleged tenure elongation of tenure of office by the national executives of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN).

A statement signed by the National Coordinator of the group,  Umar A. Bonga, made available to our correspondent on Monday April 11, frowned at the attempts to elongate tenure.
“In the interest of justice,  fairness and duly regards to legitimate authorities,  the above Association of Concern Members has risen in complete disagreement with the continuous remaining in power of the elected officials whose mandate and authority were expired on 10th day of April 2022 as a result of the Provision of the MACBAN Constitution which stipulated Four (4) years per term . Incidentally,  these National Officials have served for two term of eight years consecutively, but the tenure has elapsed by 10th April 2022. 
“Unfortunately and against travesty of justice,  they have refused to relinquish their seat even though they no longer have powers of electorates and mandate which made it possible for them to be there in the first place,” the group said.  

In the statement titled, “The Unconstitutional Posture and Abuse Of Constitutional Provision of Miyetti Cattle Breeders Association OF Nigeria (MACBAN) by the Expired Officials” the group alleged that the national executives have established alliances with states executives to flout their constitution.

“Our grievance at this juncture are that , they have secretly establish an alliances with some states officials inorder to extend their continuity against established constitution. 
“At such, our decision is unanimous and therefore appeal to the Sultanate to ensure that due process is followed which include handing over all office activities,  officials engagements,  official documents and financial statements to the Board of Trustees (BOTs) which will Subsequently appoint a Caretaker Committee which will act as a transition body pending when proper fair and free Election is conducted,” they said.  
The group stressed that only setting up a caretaker committee will bring back the sincerity,  patriotism and “the much talk about protection of the MACBAN members all over the country.”
When contacted on phone by our correspondent on Monday morning, President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Alhaji  Muhammadu Kirowa said he was not aware of there was any tenure elongation. He said he had resigned five months ago.  


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