Corruption Allegations  Against Late Gov Ajimobi  By Ex Finance Commissioner Unsubstantiated  –  Spokesman


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Former Special Adviser to  late Gov Abiola Ajimobi on Communication and Strategy, Mr Tunji Bolaji on Wednesday, described the allegation of corruption under the late governor by his  Commissioner for Finance, Mr Bimbo Adekanmbi as unsubstantiated claims.

The former Special Adviser in a statement in Ibadan declared that it was unfortunate that the former Finance Commissioner who served in the late Gov Ajimobi administration for 8 years  could be making such an allegation in the tenure of the past administration of which he was a member .

” How could Adekanmbi turn round to lay unsubstantiated claims of corruption in an administration he served for eight years, initially as Deputy Chief of Staff and Chairman, Board of Internal Revenue Service for four years and Finance Commissioner for another four years”, he said.

The former Special Adviser added, ”  If he is claiming corruption, then he could not be absolved of those allegations as the person in charge of Finance, in any case, what is presently happening to him is simply the ranting of a frustrated soul.”

Mr Bolaji maintained that the Ajimobi administration has left the stage since the past three and half years and the talk about Ajimobi has since continued, stressing that “Oyo State and discerning members of the public are tired of hearing such unsubstantiated allegations when the need to fill political vacuum or when purveyors of such statements are seeking relevance.” 

” People of Oyo State have continued to express nostalgia since the Ajimobi tenure ended. 

The people of Oyo state still recall all the achievements of this father of modern Oyo State, ( late Gov Ajimobi) in areas of innovative security architecture and infrastructural renewal and that any attempt to paint a different picture cannot succeed.” 

Alleging that the former Finance Commissioner “ is playing to the gallery and trying to please his new pay master. After his unfortunate foray into politics and having lost his deposit, he has to find a way to recoup all that he lost” he advised that “he needs to be careful as those who have towed such similar path of perfidy and betrayal end in perdition”.

” As a new entrant in politics, Adekanmbi does not have the robustness and political experience that could have helped him to absorb the shock associated with defeats at the Primary election , not to talk about going through such experience at a general election, which he has gone through in his foray into politics. 

” If he desires to continue in politics,  he needs to develop the needed shock absorber, or else, every defeat could lead to the ranting that we are seeing, the ultimate end of such could be depression which could further worsen his situation.”


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