Contractor Urges Dangote, BUA To Crash Cement Price



A Kano based prominent contractor, Alhaji Garba Aminu Kofar Na'isa has called on the two giants cement producers, Dangote and BUA to bring an end to the present high cost of cement which is being sold higher than expectations in the country.

He made the call in an interview with our correspondent in Kano, adding that many construction projects have been abandoned due to the high cost of cement and other building materials, while investigations revealed that the companies still sell their cement brands at the affordable prices.

He added that,  " We are not happy  that the price of cement is always going up despite that the companies that manufacture the commodity did not increase anything which is quite disturbing and confusing among the citizens of all categories. We hope that Dangote and BUA would do something urgently in order to see that cement cost is reduced," he said.

Alhaji Ibrahim Garba Aminu  advised the two cement manufacturing giants  to join hands and make cement available and at the company prices in order to ensure that every average citizens afford to buy.

He said,  "we stopped so many projects due to the high cost of cement and many unemployed  youth depend on the daily works they do to get food. We have so many people that are redundant due to the lack of something to do."


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