Cleric to Nigerians: Be just and fair for progress


Bauchi Caentral Mosque Chief Imam, Bala Ahmad Baban-Inna has admonished Nigerians to be just in all their dealings for the society to prosper economically and socially with justifiable leadership.
Imam Baban-Inna attributed the types of leadership God bestow upon the people to their unjustifiabe attitudes such as taming the measurement on sellable commodities or wares.
The Cleric also warned against killing of innocent souls as unpardonable act, and usury-taking which kills economic prosperity and breeds calamity in a society.
“You should also shun fornication or sexuality of any form, shun lies, gossips and back-bitings, feeding-fat on orphans’ belongings and intoxication” Baban-Inna told worshippers at Bauchi Ei-del Fitr ground.
“Where was Prophet David or Zirkallaini both of whom ruled the world, where was our father -Prophet Adam. All have left this temporal world for the great beyond”, he recalled.
Imam Ahmad Baban Inna charged the Muslims faithful to give zakkatul fitr to the needy in the society, and continue to for peace, progress and prosperity of the country.


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