Cleric frowns at corruption in Bauchi civil service


By; Mohammed Kawu, Bauchi.
The Imam of Masjid Sahaba in Bauchi Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ustaz Abdulrahman Ibrahim Idris has condemned the administrative corruption rocking the Bauchi State civil service, describing it as totally unacceptable in a society like ours.
Imam Abdulrahman Idris noted with dismay a situation where a top ranking officer in the state service is carting to his private pocket, salaries of 40 to 50 ghost workers in the service, querying “why is the much talked about leadership by example or is it the example set forth for the younger generations”.
Ustaz Abdulrahman in a Friday sermon delivered today before hundreds of worshippers at the GRA Sahaba Mosque, was speaking apparently on the outcome of the on-going verification exercise of civil servants and pensioners in the state.
The Sahaba Mosque Imam observed that the Bauchi State civil service has been bastardized to the extent that only those with skeletons in their cupboards are being employed into the service, but not those with requisite qualifications.
“It is only those that have relationship with leaders be it through intermarriages, blood relationship, personal affairs or are buoyant or flexible, are opportune to occupy vacancies in the civil service of the state”, Imam frowned.
He attributed the social problems bedeviling the society today such as abject poverty, indiscipline, moral decadence, hardships, toiling, among others, to negative attitudes being exhibited or perpetrated by some of our leaders at various levels.
Idris cited various hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) where the Creator cursed those that gives and takes bribes, and enjoined the faithful to fear God and abide by His rules and regulations contained in the holy books.
He also warned people to desist from ungodly affairs such as killing of innocent souls, wanton destruction of lives and properties, armed banditry, among other social vices or crimes, saying such atrocities attracts severe penalty from God the All-Mighty.
Imam Abdulrahman also reminded people especially public officers against administrative corruption which, he observed, has devastated almost all organs of government, as well as private organizations, groups and associations.
He enjoined people to repent from bad deeds or wrong doings, as it is unbecoming of a public officer to promote or perpetrate self-aggrandizement or satisfy the interest of certain groups or associations, saying such are the wrong doers.
Ustaz Abdulrahman Idris explained that the most exalted person before God or loved by Him, is the one who dedicate himself to the services of mankind or delight another’s heart, offset another’s debt or solve another’s problems.


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