Cleric applauds Buhari’s anti corruption fight


By; SAMSON YAKI, Kaduna.
The Chairman Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Kaduna Central District Church Council, Reverend Yunusa Nmadu has thrown his weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption.
He made this known to reporters on the occasion of ECWA youth annual week of prayer in Kaduna saying that this singular effort will rid the country of bad eggs and bring back the faded glory of the country.
He however urged the President to make the fight an all inclusive one, asserting that “we are with the president in the fight, but he must go deeper than what we are seeing, because corruption in our country is more systemic and when something becomes systemic, you must go to the root of it”.
Reverend Nmadu admonished political leaders to imbibe the virtur of Godliness, transparency and intergrity to move the nation forward.
“Whether you are a President, Governor, Legislator, Chairman or whatever position God has given you in this country, you will give account of what has been entrusted into your hands someday”, Nmadu added.
The preacher also advised youth to stand up and take a stand for God and shun all forms of social vices to move the nation forward.
The chairman explained that the annual event was designated to equip the Nigerian youths especially on the theme of the prigramme; “looking for a man who will built up the wall and stand in the gap” which is geared toward empowering youths spiritually to stand in a gap for God to the end just as Shedrach, meshack and Abednego did.
“God need men of value who can stand for Him to bring about change even in the perverse situation to the end”, Nmadu said.
Earlier in his sermon taken from the book of Ezekiel 22:30, the cleric charged Nigerian youths to rise up and take over the affairs of the nation describing the older generation as a disappointment.
“The youths must stand firm and say no to sin, they must flee from youthful lust and take a stand for God, I dont believe the older generation of leaders we have now are ready to quit the stage, I believe the youths will have to make them quit by being responsible and by showing them the better way to do what is been done.
“Unfortunately the older class has been a disappointment to this nation and we have not been a good example for the younger generation.
“I am not bold enough to say they (youth) should follow the footsteps of the older folk because corruption has been the bane of the political class in this nation”, Reverend Yunusa lamented.
The clergyman also encouraged the younger generation to look inward and acquire enterpreneural skills to become self reliant and stop over dependence on government for white collar jobs.
“There are over 170 million people in Nigeria which provides a big market for any product.
“If you look around and there is something you think you can do, you should do it with all commitment.
“First of all don’t think about earning money but think about provision of service, it’s in the provision of service that you earn money, but if you think of earning money first then you will go to the same line of corruption.
“Even those who have gone to school and have degrees should allow their degrees to translate into nation building by allowing what they have learnt to provide practical service to the people of the Nation,not just reading and waiting for white collar jobs”, Reverend Yunusa said.


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