CAN election: Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa expresses fowl play


By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.
With the election of national officers of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) fast approaching, there are strong indications that the election may likely witness the worst in the country if complaints from Christian leaders in preparation for the election is anything to go by.
Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, who bared his mind in an exclusive interview with New Nigerian Newspapers on Sunday in Kaduna on some issues confronting the leadership of CAN, noted that Christians in the country were facing a terrible situation under the leadership of Pastor Ayo Orisejafor, stressing that on the preparation of the coming election, the leadership had selected those they want to form the electoral college committee.
He alleged that steps have been taken by CAN leadership to use the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), to stop those that would not vote in favour of their candidates.
“They want to use government machinery to achieve their selfish aim but by the special grace of God, they will not succeed,” he added.
Pastor Dikwa explained that the leadership of CAN was doing so in order to have their own candidates take the leadership of CAN in order not to expose their nefarious deeds.
He said he and other Christian leaders in the country would write a petition to President Buhari intimating him of the plan of CAN leadership to use the IGP and the NSCDC to perpetrate their evil act.
On the issue that he apologized to the leadership of CAN of the money given to it by former President Good luck Jonathan, Pastor Dikwa explained that he did not apologise to them on what he told the whole world on the money given to them during the last year presidential campaign by former President Goodluck Jonathan.
He explained that “It is unfortunate that the leadership of CAN is diverting its attention from the main issue but all we are saying is that we don’t want corrupt people to take over the affairs of CAN any longer.
“It is because of their selfish interest that during the last year presidential campaign that the present leadership of CAN refused to grant President Muhammadu Buhari audience but it was only the Catholic Priests that granted President Buhari audience.
“Let Pastor Orisejafor, Dr. Musa Asake and Sunday Oibe, the Director of national issues and strategies give an accurate account of all the money they have so far collected throughout their tenure to the Christian community in the country.”
He said, “The Christian leaders in this country suppose to ask Pastor Ayo Orisejafor, Dr. Musa Asake and Sunday Oibe these questions: What have they done with the money that they have collected during the former President Jonathan on various Church services and other programmes in the country.
“N1, 380, 000, 000 from the year 2010 to 2015, each year on three occasions on democracy day, Army rememberance day and independence day Church service including every month breakfast prayers at Presidential Aso Villa of N20 million each month from 2011 to 2015.”
Pastor Dikwa called on Christians in the country to remain statefast and pray for God fearing people to lead CAN, for God’s purpose to prevail in the affairs of the country.


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