Apprentice Kidnaps Master’s Son Over His Refusal Of Payoff

A 23 year-old Chimobi Sylvester, have told Police in Lagos that he kidnapped his master’s son due to his refusal to pay him his settlement money after working for him for four years.
The suspect who was paraded Monday at the Command headquarters, Ikeja, said he was sent away by his boss after serving him for four years without any benefits.
According to him “I have worked as a sales boy and apprentice in other to learn the trade, but after spending four years, when it is time for him to settle me he asked me to go back to village to do something else.”
“After I had spent two months in the village, I came back to Lagos to kidnap my boss son with the hope that through the kidnapping, I would be able to get my money back from him.”
Sylvester said, because he has lived with his boss he knew when he’s not always at home, saying that, “I banked on that with one of my friends Emmanuel Blessing 20, and went to his house last week Thursday and lured his eight years-old son and took him away with ease because he knows me very well.
“I took the boy to the apartment given to me by the hotel management where I worked at Oyingbo area, and locked him up in the room.”
“While in our captive, Blessing contacted my boss and informed him that his son had been kidnapped and we demanded for ransom of N5million.
“I decided to kidnap my boss out of annoyance when he refuses to pay me; nobody sold the idea about the abduction of my boss son to me. I believe that if I had succeeded I would have used the money to start my own clothing business.”    
“After the victim father had agreed to pay the N5 million ransom, I went to the bank with a friend to perfect my Automated Teller Machine card, so as to withdraw the money whenever he paid into the account number we gave him not knowing that anti-kidnapping policemen were around and I and my friend were arrested.”  
According to Blessing, “we are just friends, except when Sylvester asked me to call his boss on phone and demanded for money”.
“When he asked me to call his boss, I don’t know he had already kept the boy in his apartment in the hotel”.
Blessing said, “I got the hotel job for him, anytime I come to the hotel to play, because I am a musician I always see the little boy in his room and he would lied to me that the boy came to play with him.
“It was after we were arrested by the police that he occurred to me that the boy was actually kidnapped by my friend”.
The state Commissioner, Mr. Fatai Owoseni advice businessmen who bring young boys to work or learn a trade to try and fulfil their promises to the boys, their parents and guardians.
He however said, the suspects would be charged to court, after completion of investigation into the matter.


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