40th Anniversary: NLC Must Wake Up, Do More For Workers, PDP Chieftain Says


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has been charged to wake up and do more for Nigerian workers in terms of fair representation and better welfare packages.
Chief Alexander Mwolwus, Plateau Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, made the call during a chat with newsmen on Monday in Pankshin.
Mwolwus, a former Special Adviser (SA) to Ex-Gvernor Johah Jang, congratulated NLC for its resilience at championing the cause of Nigerian workers in the past 40 years.
“But my concern is with the present leadership, which seems not to be doing much for today’s workers, who are working under very strenuous and difficult conditions.
“If you look at the pay package or take-home pay of these workers, it’s nothing to write home about and yet the Union is not pressing hard the way and manner it was known for.
“I over heard some people lamenting that the Comrade Ayuba Waba led Congress seems to have compromised its leadership position and role with its snail manner of negotiation for a new minimum wage for the workers, ’’ he said.
The PDP Chieftain, wondered why the issue of the new minimum wage, high petroleum prices and scarcity had not been tackled by the NLC up till date.
Mwolwus however described the ongoing negotiation on the minimum wage as “a mirage.’’
He said NLC went on strike during President Jonathan period for a decrease from N120 to N86, but “we have not seen a day strike when president Buahari increased to pump price to N145 or for the fuel scarcity from December till date.’’
Mwolwus said it seems the vibrancy of NLC ended with Ex-Governor Adam Oshomwole and that until the present leadership has a change of style it is but “a weak and compromising leadership.’’
Accept the congress rise to its responsibilities at defending the rights of workers, the workers and the down trodden frustration will increase and before they realise what is happening, they will loose their grip and prestige.
“You can not keep on shifting the goal post and still expect the workers to take you serious more so that some states are owing them months of salary arrears, ’’ he warned.
He called on NLC to use this anniversary to assess itself and re-strategise toward better and strong representation of the Nigerian workers for better welfare packages.


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