2023: APC’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket A Monster, Unnacceptable, Threat To NIgeria’s Unity – HEKAN President 



A renewed outcry against the sane faith ticket adopted by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) was at the front burner on Sunday October 2, 2022, as the President of The United Church of Christ in Nigeria (UCCN), popularly known as HEKAN, Reverend Amos G. Kiri described it as a monster capable of further dividing Nigerians.

Reverend Kiri expressed this, while delivering a welcome address at 

 a Pastoral Ordination Service for 8 Catechists, elevated to Reverends on Sunday October 2, 2022 at the HEKAN Centre, Katsina Road, Kaduna.

“Nigeria is a secular state and still remains a secular state. No one religion is superior over the other. One of Nigeria’s biggest challenges is religion. Many people have used religion to divide us along imaginary lines. The Nigerian constitution guarantees freedom of association and religion for every Nigerian. Our politicians have turned religion into an avenue to promote one religion over and above the other. 

“The trend of Muslim-Muslim ticket is not going to augur well to us as a Nation. Nigeria has two main religions-Christianity and Islam. We have lived together as a nation tolerating each other, not minding which religion one belongs to. Suddenly, this monster called Muslim-Muslim ticket has stirred unhealthy debate across the nation. 

“What this choice seems to depict is that no single Christian is good enough to serve as a Vice President in Nigeria or Deputy Governor in states where the two main religions are dominant. The decision by some political parties to field Muslin-Muslim as candidates, to my mind will not be healthy for us as a nation which is secular in nature. 

“Therefore, the Muslim-Muslim ticket is unacceptable because it does not encourage inclusivity and diversity for which the founding fathers of this great country, Nigeria, encouraged right from the beginning. Any arrangement that does not respect who we are as a people is a threat to our unity and must be discouraged and discarded,” he said. 

Speaking further, the HEKAN President said that fielding candidates who are incompetent for leadership based on religious lines can never bring about peace, unity and dividends of democracy that Nigerians are yearning for.

” I want to use this medium to call on our political leaders at all levels, to always be mindful of our secular status as a nation,” he stressed. 

Reverend Kiri in his address, announced that HEKAN General Church has also created three additional District Church Councils.

“This is to bring the church close to the people expand God’s kingdom here on earth

“The decision to create the three additional District Church Councils was part of saveral decisions taken by the General Church Council Meeting, held over the weekend,” he said.

According to him, the newly created District Church Councils are, HEKAN DCC Jalingo, Taraba State with its Headquarters in Jalingo, HEKAN DCC Yola, Adamawa State, with its Headquarters in Yola and HEKAN DCC Kuya with its Headquarters in Kuya.

He also informed that the church has also transfered some of its pastors from their present station to the areas.

“This is also to meet the church need and for effective service delivery, reach the unreachable

“The Transfer will take effect from First January 2023,” he disclosed.


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