2023: Adamawa Youth Endorse Hon Garba For Reps


*say he is a golden fish, whose political goodwill is missed since 2019


Competence, legibility, and objective representation with people-oriented laws, bills, contributions and motions are what were missed in the last three years and a half in the absence of Honourable Lawal Garba, who represented the Federal Constituency of Yola North, Yola South, and Girei areas of Adamawa State in the National Assembly as House of Representatives (HoR) lawmaker from 2015 to 2019.

Following the  quality representation that is now a mirage and not witnessed in the current representation, youth who are leaders of various Christian communities and churches met our Yola correspondent and reiterated the need to bring back  full representation of Honourable Abubakar Lawal Garba in 2023.

The youth  numbering about fifteen through their spokesman, Mr. Ezekiel Haziel said the choice of Garba became imperative to everyone who is passionate about good leadership in 2023.

He said the representation he provided from 2015 to 2019 cannot be rivalled  since he left the office, while he was a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

According to him, they are aware of Garba’s defection to the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) because of many injustices meted on him by the APC. 

He averred that this is the time that they will support him to prove to  Nigerians that party politics is the main problem of the nation’s democracy.

“The NNPP is not the problem, nobody will deceive us with the gimmicks of  party’s politics. This man is up and doing, he is well grounded and groomed with legislative experience. Pushing him to represent us is the best decision of not only our constituency, but the whole of Adamawa State.

” We are now the foot soldiers that  want to stake  our necks for him. I want to tell you that we have missed this gem of true leadership, he is the political golden fish that was missed and is now  found. 

“We cannot afford to allow him to slip off and go away and our constituency will be witnessing poor representation by inept political jobbers in the name of party, religion, or ethnic identities.

“You would not know the value of what you have until you lose that thing. Garba forgive us, for not supporting you in 2019, your project now is our project, we are in for victory and by the grace of God the victory is ours.” Hazel said.

The youth who  are influencers of many Christians  across many churches in Jimeta, Yola, and Girei, with one of them at the meeting, Pius Bitrus assuring  that they will create a voters enlightenment forum using different social media platforms for the victory of Honourable Garba.

Mr. Bitrus reiterated that many people are not  familiar with the NNPP logo and they will set up an agenda of educating them by creating massive social media and church awareness.

“For us, all that we are after is quality representation. This man was there, and during his tenure, he did well. It is now that he is not there we realized we have lost a rare gem of a political brain. 

” Let me assure you that, we decided to do this because we are convinced and Ave been educated that legislative duties need a man with the requisite experience. He saw it all during his last tenure, by providing   better representation, people-oriented programmes, as well as being   philanthropic in doing what will benefit humanity than what we are witnessing now,” Bitrus said.


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