Vocational Training Manual: NBTE Moves To Introduce, Adopt Document


National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has initiated and adopted plans to introduce workable documents for training centers across Nigeria.
This was the focus of a workshop sponsored by NBTE in Kaduna, with stakeholders across the academia, industries, business communities among others.
Executive Secretary of NBTE, Professor Usman Bugaje, represented by his Special Assistant, Dr. Ibrahim Bello Bashir explained that the process of bringing out a working documents had been intubated, if adopted and agreed upon by important professionals in the field, the country would be saved the rigorous process of looking elsewhere for vocational training manual.
“We have gone through the first stage which was zero draft; creating a document from zero level which had already been done by a collection of professionals in the field of education, Job and what have you.
“The second stage, called critique also involved assemblies heavyweights across the field who will criticize and consent to the work done in the first stage.
“The third stage which is what we are doing here today is to come out with a smooth and globally acceptable document that can be domesticated and used in vocation centres as a curriculum for training.
“We have a wide range of even representations here; there are persons from KAPPA, Road Safety, academia among others.
“The documents will be perused topic by topic by the assembly of resource lessons to arrive at a consensus at the end of the day of a working curriculum on vocation manual.
“NBTE will ensure a clean job is done to make it easier for teeming number of our youth to be trained on various occupation across training centres,” he added.


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