Transport Minister Calls For Harmonious Working Relationship Across Governing Boards



The Honourable Minister Of Transportation,  Dr. Muazu Jaji Sambo has called for harmonious working relationship among governing boards with uttermost respect for delegated authorities and responsibilities.

The minister noted that a harmonious working relationship was important between the ministry and its agencies on one hand and with the legislative arm of Government.

“This is important as by the provisions of our Constitution, we have sworn to uphold and accord all necessary respect and corporations at all times within recognized boundaries.

“An harmonious relationship brings synergy at all levels. We should ignore rivalry and always have at the back of our mind that we are all working for a collective goal which is the progress and development of our nation. 

“These goals will only be achieved when we act as professionals, work together in harmony and respect constituted authorities.

“We stand to achieve more when we have good working relationships. I urge us all to continue to work diligently as a team to achieve greater success in all our endeavors and in the Transportation Sector.” he said.

Muazu Jaji Sambo further reiterated that  harmonious working relationship would create enabling platform across the boards to collectively examine successes, challenges and develop realistic strategies to yield bigger successes.

He commended all members of staff in the Transportation Sector adding that the successes and achievements of the Sector largely depends on cooperation and  coordination of everyone involved. 

“I had my fair share of high and low experiences as a transport regulator, operator and user. In all, one thing however proved constant through the years, which is the support and team spirit of stakeholders that propel unparalleled successes in the Sector.

“One of the policy thrusts to drive the growth of the transportation sector is collaboration and synergy amongst transportation stakeholders which is key in any forward thinking sector. 

“This has no doubt made the Transportation Sector contribute to the socio-economic needs of Nigerians and promoted the overall sustainable development of the nation.” he said.


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