Tinubu Needs Time To Fix Nigerian – ICAN Chairman



Nigerians should be patient in all that they do, including this present administration, of President Bola Tinubu especially as it concerns the hardship presently experienced in the country, following the removal of petroleum subsidy and the renewed   insecurity situations that has continued unabated.

Explaining that Nigerians should know subsidy payment was not included in the 2023 budget of the past administration of Muhammadu Buhari and as such including it (or paying) would be a misnormal for the present administration the 20th chairman of the institute of chartered accountants (ICAN) Kaduna and district society, in an interview with newsmen at the 20th investiture of ICAN held at Hotel 17, Kaduna, also urged Nigerians to know that “what was destroyed or left unrepaired for eight (8) years cannot be expected to start working in four (4) months.”

“Our refineries are obsolete and getting them fixed will consume huge capital, and for these reasons the president called for more private participation in the oil (downstream) sector of the economy,” he said.

Dr. Yusuf expressed his delight that someone in the person of President Tinubu came out to tell Nigerians the truth, that the subsidy was been paid for the benefit of other countries while the payer couldn’t meet the demands of its citizens who were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the subsidy as petroleum products were been imported.

“How can a country be paying petrol subsidy when its people find the product difficult to get,” he queried.

The PH.D in Accounting further stated that this administration needs all the support of Nigerians to be able to steer the country out of the muddy waters the past administration had swallowed the country in.

“President Tinubu needs our support to take this country to the Promised Land. The last eight (8) years was really difficult for Nigerians, but, the light bearer in here now,” he stressed.


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