Senator Lawal Adamu Usman’s Outstanding First 100 Days in Office: A Tale of Vision and Action



In his first 100 days as the distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing the Kaduna Central senatorial district, Senator Lawal Adamu Usman, popularly called Mr. LA by his supporters, has put smiles on the faces of members of his constituency and beyond through people-oriented initiatives. 

The distinguished Senator has made notable achievements despite the baseless and risible distractions and accusations from his detractors. In the face of these difficulties, he has managed to record some successes. 

He remained committed to the betterment of his people as he was before his political position. Long before his political adventure, Senator Usman was a renowned philanthropist and erudite, committed to the wholesome growth and development of the people in his community, particularly in their education. 

Below are some of the recorded achievements of the distinguished Senator in his first 100 days:

1. Investing in Education

Mr. LA has always appreciated education because it is the bedrock upon which society is built. He believes that education is essential to the creativity, innovation, and development of a community. 

So far, the distinguished Senator has spent millions of naira in the education of Kaduna youths—sponsoring students at secondary and tertiary levels, paying their tuition fees, WAEC, NECO, and JAMB fees. As recently as a month ago, 

Mr. LA earmarked 200 million Naira for student scholarships. These charitable gestures of Mr. LA are not strange to his supporters and those who have been following him before his senatorial occupation. In 2021, when the then Kaduna state government significantly hiked the tuition fees of tertiary institutions in the state, the Senator, through his Lawal Adamu Usman Foundation (LAUF), donated millions of naira to assist hundreds of students in paying their fees. Due to the Senator’s intervention, the hope of many students for a bright future was sustained.

2. Youths and Women Empowerment

Senator Usman’s 100-day tenure has empowered the youth and women in his constituency and the entire state, thanks to his commitment to equity and the dissolution of disparities. Thousands of youths and women have benefited from his various empowerment programs, learning new skills and getting resources for self-sustainability and communal impact.

3. Palliative Initiatives and Programmes

In addition to the 200 million naira for student scholarships, Mr. LA earmarked 300 million naira for community-oriented programmes: 200 million Naira for skills acquisition and youth empowerment and 100 million naira for social welfare programmes, such as the distribution of food and tonnes of assorted grains to the less privileged. 

These amendatory initiatives demonstrate his unwavering commitment to addressing the immediate needs of the people in his constituency.

4. Recognition and Leadership

Senator Usman displayed a leadership quality rarely seen in the Nigerian political landscape when he paid a courtesy visit to his direct political opponent, 

Mr. Muhammadu Sani Dattijo (APC), in the 2023 Nigerian Senate elections. His sportsmanship and comradeship can be seen in his emergence as the Chairman of the esteemed Senate Committee on Education in the 10th Senate, despite being a first-time senator. This emergence is a recognition of his leadership, unparalleled commitment to education, and continued hunger for positive change in the education outlook of Nigeria. 

5. “Mai Gonar Motar” – The Farmer of Motor Vehicles

Long before he made the national assembly his office, Mr. LA was given the affectionate moniker “Mai Gonar Motar,” which translates to “The Farmer of Motor Vehicles.” He earned this nickname because of his incessant donation of cars to his friends, well-wishers, and community members. Indeed, no one deserves the Mai Gonar Motar title than the cheer-giving Mr. LA.

In conclusion, the people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District are one of the luckiest constituent residents in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as they have got a new lease on life in the first 100 days in office of Mr. LA. 

The less privileged and the people, in general, have enjoyed prompt aid in food, materials, and resources to live better lives. The people of Kaduna Central Senatorial District can rest assured that Mr. LA will not rest on his oars, as he remained committed to bettering the lives of his people. 

While Nigerians who are just getting to know Mr. LA may be surprised at the sight of a Nigerian politician hitting the ground running, admirers and supporters of the distinguished Senator are not amazed, though they are impressed. 

They have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. LA’s altruistic disposition, dedication to education, commitment to personal growth and development, and overall positive transformation of his people will only grow stronger and stronger as the tenure days roll on each other until the final day. As he continues his public service, we all can hope for a brighter future for his constituency and Nigeria as a whole.  

Khadijat Tracy Shelle writes from Kaduna.


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