Project Update: Ongoing Renovation, Upgrade Of Health Clinic, Cottage Hospital Kuri



In continuation of its health sector revitalization programme, the administration of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya recently awarded contract for the renovation and upgrade of the health clinic and cottage hospital in Kuri, Yamaltu Deba local government area.

This is in addition to the already completed revitalization of Primacy Healthcare Centre, Lano in Kuri/Lano/Lambam ward of the LGA.

It will be recalled that during the electioneering campaigns, Governor Yahaya promised the people of the state that his administration will take bold steps to holistically address the numerous challenges facing health care delivery system in Gombe State.

The Governor had set up a needs assessment team that toured over 400 communities across the the state to identify and prioritize the needs of the people during which access to quality health care came top as the most pressing problem bedeviling the people.

To tackle the challenges, Governor Yahaya promised to ensure there is a functional PHC in every political ward of the state during his first four year mandate.

Within 2 years of the administration, that promise has been fulfilled and Gombe state is now the first state in Nigeria to ensure the revitalization of at least 1 PHC in every political ward as envisioned by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Having fulfilled that target, the government has now commenced the renovation and upgrading of other health clinics and health posts around the state.

This is in addition to the renovation and upgrading of other secondary health facilities in each of the 3 senatorial zones in the state.

The three hospitals in the senatorial districts are those of Kaltungo, Bajoga and Kumo which would complement the services of the specialist hospital Gombe.


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