PDP In Kaduna Is Formidable – Party chieftain


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna
A former Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to former Governor Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State and chieftain of PDP, Tahir Tanko, has refuted the existence of three factions in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State alleged by Umar Sani De Cat, the erstwhile spokesman

of Ex-Vice President, Mohammed Namadi Sambo. 
According to Tahir Tanko, the party has only one formidable state Executive committee under the leadership of Felix Hassan Hyat that transcends individual interests and is pursuing a collective interest of majority of the people of the state.
Making his views known in a statement made available to New Nigerian on Friday, he explained, “As at today, there is only one formidable and indivisible state executive committee under the able leadership of Felix Hassan Hyat, which transcends individual interests and is pursuing only the collective interest of majority of the people of the state, which is salvaging them from the ineptitude and rudderless APC government.”
He lamented that this is coming from a former Presidential spokesman, stressing that the inability of a man of his calibre to discern the difference between ‘interests’ in politics and ‘factions’ is worrisome and leaves much to be desired. 
According to him, “It is rather unfortunate that this is coming from a former Presidential spokesman. The inability of a man of his calibre to discern the difference between ‘interests’ in politics and ‘factions’ is worrisome and leaves much to be desired. Everyone knows that politics is all about interests, but that does not amount to factions. 

He opined that it is not an anathema for political interest groups to exist or be formed in a political party, group, association or union, most especially, when there is a common goal to be achieved, pointing out that it is not a crime for others in the minority to oppose the common interest of the majority.  
He stated that what would be detested is when the minority fail to concede to the acceptable principle of democracy which posit that, the minority should have its say but the majority should have its way, stressing that the essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in a decision or an election. 
“The PDP chieftain believed that it is new gimmick is a frantic effort by the Ex-VP’s former aide to bounce back to relevance in Kaduna after taking a dive into oblivion.
The PDP chieftain recalled that at the formative stage of the PDP in Kaduna state in 1998, there were four major interest groups namely, the Makarfi group which was the dominant one, the Prof. Ango Abdullahi group, of which De Cat belonged to, the late Nuhu Babajo group and that of Dalhatu Tafida that joined the party from the defunct All People’s Party (APP). 
He noted that when the Makarfi group picked the governorship ticket of the party and went ahead to win the seat, the other blocs accepted their fate, saying that the interests coalesced into a formidable party that continued to record success after success. 
“That is sportsmanship. Nothing has changed even today. There will always be interests but not factions,” he stressed. 
He lamented that after the conduct of the widely accepted ward, local government area and state congresses of the party and the final crowning of these congresses with a successful and well celebrated national convention, De Cat and his co-travellers have failed to come to terms with their fait accompli. 
He added that it is on record that the baseless allegations presented to the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party and before different courts of record by him and his cohorts have been dismissed for lack of merit as well as being unsubstantiated. 
Tahir Tanko noted that since he ( Umar Sani De Cat) claimed that the NWC took side for throwing out their unfounded allegations, is he alluding that the numerous courts they approached without a single victory also took side? 
He stated that the existence of any faction in PDP in Kaduna state is only in the figment of his imaginations. 
“It is pertinent for him and his likes who think they can hoodwink the public into believing the existence of any faction to know that they are coming too little, too late, on account of the fact that, the people of Kaduna state and Nigeria are already geared up to return PDP to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House and Aso Villa in 2023. Therefore, no amount of concocted falsehood, unholy fabrication or propaganda would unsettle their resolve,” he assured. 


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