Oyo South: Be Wary Of    Politicians With Questionable Ibadan identify In 2023 Polls,  Group Warns 


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

As the 2023 general elections is approaching, a non  profit pressure group, the Movement for the Actualization of Ibadan State has called on the people of the city to be wary of politicians with questionable Ibadan background, shrouded in secrecy, controversy and unverifiable known family background”.

The movement in a communique signed by its Convener, Alhaji Muili Ajibodu alerted that, “such people whose roots with Ibadan ancestry and lineage are unclear, controversial and subject of merchandising are political dealers who are bent on profiting from the good name of Ibadanland for their own selfish interests.”

According to the movement, the time has come to prevent the ” so called dealer to usurp the calm waters of Ibadan’s unity at using our common heritage for their selfish ambition.”

The movement pointed out that its

executive council, having, “critically analyzed the participation and involvement of our son’s and Daughter’s in the current political process, commended every true son and daughter of Ibadanland for coming out en-masse to vie for various political offices in 2023.

” In view of the above, the executive council of the Movement for the Actualization of Ibadan State hereby calls on every eligible son and daughter of Ibadanland most especially the five main local government areas within Ibadan metropolis, to be wary of persons with questionable background, shrouded in secrecy, controversy and unverifiable known family background” it said.

The movement added, ” From time immemorial, every direct descendant of Ibadanland need not go extra mile to convince any discerning mind on his ancestral lineage, homestead, family background and or relationship with one family or the other. Like our fore-bearers will say “Ibadanland is within one room” (Yara kan ni Ibadan).”

It stressed, ” From time immemorial, the likes of Sen. Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, Sen. Kamorudeen Adedibu, Sen. Soji Akanbi, Sen. Kola Balogun and their achievements have been unprecedented due to their love for their fatherland.”

” We know ourselves. Every family compound is inter-related one way or the other.We need no further introduction as long as the Ibadan blood runs in us.Socially and traditionally, one’s ancestral root plays a pivotal role in ones affinity, commitment and dedication to the cause and agenda of one’s root hence the need for us in Ibadanland to be wary of Political mehnadizers and dealers who are alien to our wishes and desire for the Actualization of the Ibadan State agenda.

” Our votes in Ibadanland must be carefully utilized. We have suitably qualified and untainted sons and daughters of Ibadan root who have signified interest in vying for political offices come 2023.’

It stressed further in the communique ” in conclusion, our self determination and resolve for a better, Prosperous and better Ibadanland should be our guiding principle as we make our choice and not crumbs from the table of the aliens and usurpers.”

” The Movement for the Actualization of Ibadan State is a Non for Profit pressure group set up by a Group of Ibadan son’s and daughters with the primary aim of seeing to the realization of the creation of Ibadan State agenda. The body which has been in existence over a period of time has been saddled with the responsibility of working assiduously towards the realization of the age-long ambition of the creation of Ibadan State.


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