Over 1.6 million Nigerians live with diabetes


By; Niyi Ogungbola, Abeokuta.
The Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye has disclosed that over 1.6 million Nigerians are living with type 2 form of diabetes across the Country.
The Commissioner made this disclosure in a chat with Journalists in Abeokuta, the State Capital, while campaigning and sensitizing members of the public on the prevalent rate of diabetes.
Speaking at the World Health Day celebration with the Global theme tagged “KILL DIABETES”, Dr Ipaye said that unconciously over 1.6 millions are diabetic carriers in the country.
According to him, 2.2 Million Nigerians are cariers of the diseases, adding that about 30% kidney failures in the Country are as a result of diabetes.
“It has been discovered according to research that the rates at which people die was as a result of self inflicted None-Communicable diseases, like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. I will like to put it on record that 30% kidney failure recorded cases came as a result of diabetes” Ipaye said.
While calling on stakeholders to adopt multi sectorial approach to challenges in the health sector in Ogun State, Ipaye said people should live a moderate lifestyle and engage on regular medical checkup.
Speaking on the symptoms and prevention, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Dr. Nafiu Aigoro, said frequent urinating, excessive intake of water, growing lean and frequent eating without control are regular symptoms of diabetes, saying that smoking and obesity are also a major risk factor of diabetes.
Urging members of the public to always feed on vegetables and fruits than junks food, Dr. Aigoro said regular exercise of the body can greatly reduced the risk of having diabetes and all other none-communicable diseases.


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