Ogbomoso Biomedical Research Hub Partners Foreign Body In Advancing Ground-breaking Innovations


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Head, Microbiology Department, Adeleke University, Ede Osun State, Dr.Oladipo Kolawole has disclosed that Helix Biogen Institute, a biomedical research hub in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, has entered into partnership with an international collaborator, ANESVAD Foundation.

Dr Kolawole in a statement, said the partnership is to find solutions, among other things, to the rising challenges in the scientific world and that the institute was dedicated to advancing ground-breaking innovations in both healthcare and biotech sectors

He stressed that the collaboration would provide a huge boost to Ogbomoso’s developing startup environment, the state and the country as a whole”, adding, “This noteworthy development illustrates both Ogbomoso’s rise as a centre for biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the enormous potential of the local startup scene”

Dr Kolawole pointed out that due to the constant pursuit of greatness by the researchers, the institute was being noticed by the international collaborators and investors who are interested in the biomedical progress of ongoing projects at the institute.

He maintained that the institute had previous record of COVID-19 candidates vaccine already enlisted by World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, Adeleke University, Ede and Trinity Immunoeficient Laboratory, Ogbomoso, among others.

Expressing optimism that the partnership between the Institute and ANESVAD Foundation would be mutually beneficial, he said “This international contribution will enable Helix Biogen Institute to further up its biomedical research and development operations on point-of care diagnostic kits development toward Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), which has economically impacted the under developed countries”

Dr Kolawole stated, “The relationship with ANESVAD Foundation will make it easier to recruit top individuals and expand cutting-edge laboratory capabilities, thereby contributing to the economic growth of Ogbomoso, Oyo State and Nigeria as whole.As a result, the hub will be able to accelerate meaningful partnerships with top universities and related stakeholders to further its creative solutions. Ogbomoso is already firmly established as a thriving biomedical innovation hub, ready to draw more interest and funding.”

He maintained that the Institute was in a good position to take advantage of the knowledge and contacts of its foreign investors and collaborators as it begins this new chapter.

“The hub is well-positioned to succeed even more by cultivating solid relationships and embracing a collaborative attitude.This achievement is advantageous not just to Helix Biogen Institute but also has far-reaching implications for the advancement of biotechnology and healthcare on a global scale,” he assured.

He asserted that the choice of the foreign collaborators to support the Institute represents a turning moment for the startup ecosystem in Ogbomoso and its environ, noting that 

“it demonstrates the region’s propensity for creativity as well as the amazing potential of local business owners. Helix Biogen Institute is well-positioned to make tremendous progress toward revolutionizing biotechnology and enhancing lives with this fresh infusion of funding and assistance. 

“The future of Ogbomoso as a center for cutting-edge businesses is more promising than ever, and the entire community can anticipate the revolutionary effects this relationship will have.” He further assured.


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