Nindem Attacks: PDP Senatorial Aspirant Pays Condolence To Chief Of Godogodo, Visits Affected Families


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By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A PDP Senatorial aspirant, Rijo Shekari has visited and attended a Church service with the chief of Godogodo, to commiserate with the killings of four persons and the 10 injured by an unidentified gunman in Nindem village of Godogodo district in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Arc. Bala Barnabas Bantex in attendance, also paid condolence to the Chief of Godogodo and the families of victims that were brutally attacked and killed on Friday night.

Speaking during the Church service on Sunday at ECWA Antang, Bantex said, “Government will not relent in its efforts in restoring peace in Southern Kaduna, we should engage seriously in prayers and government will do its best in ensuring peace is restored in Southern Kaduna communities.”

Bantex urged the Chief of Godogodo to endure over the unfortunate incidences that has been happening adding, “We ‘ll continue to lead either in good or bad times and we believed we ‘ll finish in good faith.

“This things that are happening are changing colours, If you fixed this problem another one will strike somewhere, that is where the world is now. We are not spirit to see but we’ll use our sense to ensure God expose the perpetrators.”

Mr. Rijo who visited the attacked community, visited all the families of victims, while Bantex returned to Kaura. Rijo, however tasked the residents to remain calm and prayerful.

“I condole with the community and pray that the departed souls will find eternal rest. I have been to every family and commiserated with the families.  I saw their parents and their siblings and the wives, it is my prayers that this kind of evil will not happened again.

“Over the years, what we have heard is condolences due to situations like this, I am calling on the government to put and end to this evil act and those elected representing the people should speak against this evil, we cannot be in a season of love and sharing and some people will just come and put a shadow of mourning over an entire community, this is very very unfair.

“It would be immoral for anyone to politicize this misfortune despite the fact it is the outcome of politics. We are in the season of love and while people are celebrating, evil doers have cast a shadow over a community.

“My prayers is with the grieving families. May the souls of the departed find rest in Jesus’ name. It is also my prayer that those in authority would act and those chosen by the people to represent them would speak and act on this evil.

“I was glad to see the deputy governor visit to commiserate with the grieving community. I hope it goes beyond visits and condolence messages. Every Southern Kaduna life matters.”


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