Lagos Govt Honours Retirees


Twenty-five newly retired civil servants in Lagos State Ministry of Health have been honoured with certificates of commendation and gifts in appreciation of their active and loyal performance while in active service.
The retirees were disengaged from public service in 2017, either because they spent 35 years in service  or that they attained the mandatory retirement age of 60 years.
The retirement ceremony took place at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa, Ikeja on 1st March, 2018.
Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, congratulated the retirees for their diligent service.  He told them that though they have been retired, they are now health sector ambassadors of the state.
Idris declared:  “I want to say I am so happy to see all the retirees.  The fact is that whether we are retiring or still in service we are all working to achieve the laudable goals of the Lagos State government.  Let us all continue to do the good work that we need to do to move the state forward.”
The retirees consisted of junior, middle and senior cadre officers who served in different capacities.  They were accompanied to the venue of the ceremony by members of their families and friends.
Dr. ‘Modele Osunkiyesi, the Permanent Secretary in the health ministry also expressed satisfaction with the input and output of the retirees while in service.
“No doubt, you all have been great assets to the Lagos State public service and the public service will surely miss you very much.  The zeal, passion, commitment and loyalty exhibited by you in the service of the state have made the Lagos State health sector a shining example among other states of the federation, and this will not be forgotten,” the Perm Sec. said.
On the occasion, Dr. Enigbokan Olubunmi, on behalf of his fellow retirees,  responded to the eulogies showered on them by government officials.  He expressed satisfaction that they used the opportunity offered them to serve “to touch the hearts of Lagosians, especially the indigent, poor and down-trodden.”
Another retiree, Mrs. Adeyemi Modinat, thanked the government for appreciating the quality of work they rendered while in service.  She described the honour bestowed on them as “heartwarming.”


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