Kanam LG Boss Frowns  At Spurious Attacks On Prominent Citizens 



Chairman of Kanam Local Government Dayyubu Yusuf Garga has described as wicked the naming and pasting of banners of some prominent Plateau citizens including a distinguished son of the area,Yusuf Adamu Gagdi by some faceless persons known to be sponsored by the ruling party in the state.

Describing the action as the last kicks of a dying horse, he  wondered how a supposed political party will reduce itself to such kind of desperation, knowing fully that it has just a few weeks to handover power in the state.

Dayyabu Garga said for the citizens of Kanam Local Government Area, Gagdi is a priceless asset that has always meant well for the people, by providing   unequaled representation to the admiration of all.

He said calling him and other illustrious citizens including the daughter of the soil, Hon.Justice Monica Dongban Menzem, President of the Court of Appeal unprintable names despite her innocence,  shows desperation of the highest order.

Garga said the good people of Kanam, Pankshin and Kanke as well as generality of Plateau citizens will continue to give Gagdi the rightful support to discharge his duties.

According to the chairman, after they failed with the rumours of his death via a motor accident, they are cooking other means to tarnish his image assuring that Kanam people are with their son Gagdi all the way.

He then called on the judiciary not to be intimidated by the so-called stage managed and sponsored protests in Jos and Abuja as it will not change the decision to administer justice to the already seen handwriting on the wall of an imminent collapse of the party.


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