Kaduna Lawmaker Wants Constitution Amended For Higher Academic Qualification  For Legislators 



Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Kaduna State House of Assembly,  Honourable Yusuf Mugu has advocated the need to amend constitution to give higher academic qualification criteria for who can be  a legislature.

He expressed this, while making contributions at a two-day session organised by the  Partnership to Engage, Reform & Learn (PERL-ECP), which is supporting CS-Legislature Engagement & Accountability Platform (CLEAP), on Tuesday September 12 in Zaria.  

He regretted why Honourable Suleiman Dabo whom he described as intelligent and a good lawmaker was not returned by his Zaria Constituency in the 2023 election.

“We were there together at the last Kaduna Assembly. He is brilliant, intelligent, well educated and passionate about development,

“Honourable Suleiman Dabo’s knowledge goes beyond his Constituency but is useful to the entire state,” hence the need for constitution to clearly spell out qualification of who can be a lawmaker,” he said.

Honourable Mugu who represents Kaura Constituency in the Kaduna Assembly, argued that with lawmakers that have higher qualifications, their constituents will get better representation and quality bills will scale through for the overall good of democracy.


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