Kaduna Govt  Targets  Graduating 400 Trainees Every Quarter


*To certify about 1,600 trainees – Uba Sani


Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State during the weekend,  performed the groundbreaking for the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City.

The governor made this known at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Kaduna State Vocational and Technology skills city in Kaduna.

“An initiative of the Kaduna State Government in collaboration with the Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT), Morocco and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Nigeria.

Governor Uba Sani said on assumption of office in May, 2023, we carried out a skills gap assessment/analysis in the public and private sectors in Kaduna State. 

“Our findings were shocking: we are not up to scratch in technical and technological skills required to be competitive. 

“We also watched with sadness how jobs that ordinarily should have been handled by our people in different business concerns in Kaduna State are given to foreign workers because of our skills deficit. 

“The establishment of the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City is therefore our administration’s response to the urgent need to reskill and upskill our citizens to handle technical and technological tasks in important and strategic business concerns. 

“It is also to prepare Kaduna State youths for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with skills to make them employable. 

“Our gratitude goes to the Government and People of the Kingdom of Morocco, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Nigeria, the Kaduna State Ministry of Business, Innovation and Technology, and other stakeholders for their contributions in making this initiative a reality.

“The Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City is a digital skills powerhouse that offers modern training in a variety of programs to enhance technology skills. 

“It will provide professional qualifications recognized by employers and Technical and Vocational Education and Technology (TVET ) institutions, making it a valuable resource for individuals looking to fast-track their careers and also companies wishing to upgrade the skills of their employees.

“The Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City will train Kaduna State citizens and issue certifications in the following: Microsoft/CISCO/Huawei (International Certification),  Oil & Gas, Welding and Fabrication,  Articulated Vehicle Driving,  Automobile Gas Conversion,  Automotive Mechatronics, Solar Power Installation, Electrical Installation, Tiling,  POP Making,  Carpentry and Joinery,  Fashion and Design,  Aluminum Fabrication, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. 

“Our target is to graduate 400 trainees every quarter. In one year, the Skills City will graduate and certify about 1,600 trainees. 

” I have constituted a Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills Development Council to drive our vision of vocational and technological skills acquisition, and to specifically manage the SKILLS CITY. 

“The Council will be responsible for: (a) Producing an Action Plan for the development of skills for youths and citizens of Kaduna State (b) Coordination and Supervision of the Plan of Action (PoA). 

“The Council will also: (a) Develop, validate and determine training standards and curriculum content based on employment and industry need analysis to ensure qualitative and relevant/need based training (b) Identify, analyze and prioritize the training needs of the youths, and other citizens of the State, and (c) Arrange skill upgrading, professional development and customized courses.

“Members of the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills Development Council have been carefully selected based on their skills, competences and commitment to the SUSTAIN Agenda of our administration. 

“I am confident that they will discharge this assignment with total commitment and dedication. 

“The Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City has the potentials of transformating Kaduna State into an IT Hub. This investment has a large potential multiplier effect. 

“It will provide business and employment opportunities. In no time Kaduna State will become a leading KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY in Nigeria. We are gradually erecting the pillars. 

“We are investing in education and training, developing information infrastructure, and creating innovation systems. We must give this initiative our best shot. 

“It is now my honour and privilege to perform the groundbreaking of the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City.”


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