Kaduna Deputy Gov Applauds Pastors Forum For Organizing Dialogue Engagement



The  Deputy Governor of Kaduna State,  Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, has applauded the Progressive Pastors Forum (PPF) for organizing a dialogue engagement that will allow the electorate of the state to express  expectations from their leaders in government and those having intentions to govern them.

The acting governor and the All Progressives Congress (APC) flag bearer of the deputy in the state, disclosed this on Saturday, during the Northwest Christian stakeholders engagement dialogue organized by the Progressive Pastors Forum, (PPF) with the theme, “Dialogue for a better Nigeria.” 

She added that, dialogue as such, is an opportunity for leaders to come in contact with their followers face-to-face that they might probably not have direct link or access to them on several occasions, except for very few on social media handles.

Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe explained that governance is the process of decision making and the process that which decisions are implemented and the manner in which power is exercised in management of a conflict economy and chain for development.

She said, “the Governance agenda of Malam Nasir el-Rufai has being saddled with the responsibility of putting people first and putting significant efforts to translate into action, for good governance and also introduce e-Governance forum.

“Eventually, a lot has been done, but still a lot  needs to be done, because the last two years which was dominated by COVID-19, has posed a lot of challenges that the threat still appears to be receiving now in terms of economic growth, labour shortage, and employee confidence.”

Dr. Sabuwa, urged people of the state to choose leaders who have shown capacity, strength, and capability for delivery, who can generate ideas, who can solve problems, those who can inspire and adapt to change.

While on his part, Rev. Father Anthony Bruno Shawuya, Deputy Director General, Bureau For Inter-faith Kaduna State, explained that the sole aim of having such activities is to bring about peace and harmony within the nation under a good governance, but not to discuss irrelevant issues that has to do with Christian-Christian or Muslim-Muslim issues.

He added that, occasions as such gives people the leverage to get to meet their leaders irrespective of stewardship and their service to the state.

“The major focus of the programme is on good governance not minding wether if this is a Christian or Muslim activity, because we should be able to enjoy peace, have good roads, schools should be well attended, and everybody should enjoy good governance, so our concern should be who is competent enough to make our lives better so that we can sleep peacefully and progress in the nation.

“Criminals are united in the country to destroy us not minding if this is an Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba person. So why not we unite to build a sustainable country, because that is more important?” Rev. Father Anthony said.

Earlier in his remarks, the National Chairman of Progressive Pastors Forum (PPF), Apostle David Adeniran, explained that the gathering was meant to create awareness among the Christian families on the way forward no matter the differences between them.

Apostle David Adeniran added that, the major concern is for them to have a single motive to dialogue and deliberate for a better Nigeria, that their children will live to see the good governance and everybody will be proud of.

He said, “the programme is meant to compliment the efforts of the Kaduna State Government and other North West governments, which is why the Progressive Pastors Forum, has partnered with the government since 2014 to ensure a peaceful environment that the youth will be engaged and people will sleep with their two eyes closed while living in harmony.”


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