IPPS: Petitioners Accuse Union Leader, MD, Fin Dir As Major Accomplices  Of Alleged Fraud In Yola Upper Benue River Basin  



Scandal of how assistant Director  (Finance),  Abubakar Tela Suleiman of Upper Benue River Basin Authority (UBRBDA) have used the Integrated payroll personnel information system (IPPS) and defrauded staff of the organization from their salaries account continued to generate much tension in Yola,  Adamawa State. 

It would be  recalled that some weeks ago, concerned Nigerians, Habib Garba and Amos Douglas  wrote petitions to anti graft agencies, EFCC and ICPC and accused Suleiman of using the IPPS for fraudulent acts and massive diversion of money connected to all staff in the agency. 

The petitioners in a statement further made shocking revelations that the union leader, Mal. Mustapha Salihu who is UBRBDA Chief Admin Officer was also a beneficiary of the salary arrears fraud shared by Tela,  Assistant Director (Finance). 

According to them, one of the reasons that Salihu (Chief Admin Officer)  is adamant to fight for the staff right is because Suleiman has being servicing him with the alleged staff diverted IPPS deductions. 

They gave a thorough investigation of his salary account upon what has been paid to him as padding of salary arrears on the 21st January, 2022 Payment reference No: RRR/IPPIS FGN UBRBDA/20.

Petitioners Garba and Douglas said  a simple check to the reference above, will definitely disclose the amount he has received, compare to his actual legitimate salary amount. 

According to them,  Salihu being the union leader was discovered to have been secretly calling on committee members investigating the matter, prompting them that there is no  tension with the staff in UBRBDA, against the fact that there is  rising tension that might cause serious rancour in the entire authority. 

In the statement, they indicted Salihu as an accomplice who is making all efforts  to protect them because of his alleged  involvement in the fraudulent activity.

“Our union leader is now a stooge who is presently receiving instructions on what to do on behalf of the staff from the gang leader of IPPS scandals, Abubakar Tela Suleiman,” the statement said.

In the statement also,  Garba and Douglas  accused Engr  Abubakar Muazu, the UBRBDA Managing Director of lying to the Ministry and protecting Mr Tela Abubakar Suleiman because he has been a beneficiary of the diverted IPPS frauds salaries. 

They called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene and send independent auditors to investigate federal government agencies, ministries and parastatals because of the directors in finance department,  using IPPS to defraud staff. 

They also called on the National Security Adviser (NSA), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to seriously put an eye on the Yola UBRBDA to fight the many injustices going on in the place as it is happening in Adamawa, his state of origin and bring to book all the culprits in the agency. 

“Furthermore, the Managing Director Abubakar Muazu and  Mr Tela Abubakar Suleiman are trying to cover all the monumental fraud of all time in the organization in the account and procurement units. 

“Series of vimen in many contracts is the order of the day in the account and procurement units. 

“We are also shocked that despite providing evidence of the many crimes and a away forward to the ministry, the ministry seems to be a supporter of what Suleiman is doing to the staff of the organization by buying time to cover all the allegations and fraud committed by Abubakar Suleiman Tela.”

They further alleged that the union leader, Mal. Mustapha Salihu Chief Admin Officer was also a beneficiary of the Salary arrears fraud shared by Abubakar Tela Suleiman Assistant Director (Finance) that is the reason why he is adamant to fight for the staff right. 

“The union leader is secretly calling the Fact Finding Committee members in the ministry on behalf of the UBRBDA staff informing them that there is no any tension with the staff in the River Basin, while it is lie. He is just trying to protect them because of his involvement in the fraudulent activity.

“Consequently, he is receiving instruction on what to do on behalf of the staff from the gang leader Abubakar Tela Suleiman.    

The Managing Director has been lying to the ministry and protecting Mr Tela Abubakar Suleiman because he is part of the beneficiary of the promotion arreas.

“We are calling the Commander in Chief Federal Republic of Nigeria and the NSA which happen to be an indigene of Adamawa State.to bring this fraudster to book,” they demanded.

Responding to the petition, the Federal Ministry of Water Resources said that it has set up a fact-finding committee to investigate the allegations against the UBRDA Assistant Director of Finance and some other staff members of the authority in Yola.

Efforts made to get the union leader’s response were not possible as his numbers rang severally without been answered.  

Suleiman however, said that  he will not comment on issues that are already dead and a committee is handling the petition. 

Calls put to the  UBRBDA Managing Director,  Engr Mu’azu’s  number were not connecting.  SMS and WhatsApp messages were replied for his response as at time of filing this report.


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