How Ogbonnaya Onu Is Seeking Approval To Reconstitute Some Agencies Governing Councils

Ogbommaya Onu

By; Our Correspondent

After failed attempts By Minister of Science Technology and Innovation (FMST&I) Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu to reinstall his anointed Director General, Dr. Augustine Chinyere Igweh.
In his bid after exhausting most avenues, the Minister is seeking approval to reconstitute some agencies governing council without listing them in his request, after the approval was granted, he raised an Internal Memo and included NITR among the reconstituted boards,  which was published in Daily Trust of 12th September, 2021 despite the fact that the presidency warned him to stop interfering in the affairs of the Institute.
Also In a letter to the Overseeing Director General of NITR, Kaduna from the Chairman of the Governing Council, Shehu Haruna Lambu,  dated 11th October 2021,  lamented that It cannot be true that President Muhammadu Buhari, a completely destribalized Nigerian and a personification of the rule of law will give approval of reconstituted/inauguration of a new council of the institution when the current tenure is subsisting.
He said the President will not take such decisions when the members of NITR are law abiding, hard working and transparent.
It would be recalled that the Minister, in a recent public notice,  also directed the reconstitution of some of the governing boards and council of agencies and institutes under his purview which attracted  protest.


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