Gov Radda’s Security, Economic Approach Commendable –  Mahuta



The security strategy employed by Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State to deal with banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling and other sundry crimes  has been commended.

The commendation was given by Alhaji Sabi’u Sa’idu  Mahuta, Sardaunan Danejin Katsina, Danmalikin Kafur an Executive Director of A.A. Rano Ltd, while interacting with the media on Tuesday in Katsina.

The emerging  grassroots political stakeholder said there are serious challenges in the state, with security challenge the most critical. which aided in fueling security situation in northern Nigeria, especially in Katsina state.These, he said include; complete disregard of local governments (LGs); and the neglect of traditional institutions. 

According to him, it seems the LGs no longer exist. 

“Not only in the state, but sadly a national phenomenon, except for very few states. Kaduna State recently has started giving some importance, not autonomy, to the local governments and we have been seeing the results,” he said.

In Katsina State he said, Dr Radda has clearly stated that he would ensure the local governments are given autonomy to function as assigned by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to Mahuta, the governor also assured of giving  close supervision of the LGA to ensure proper accountability of monthly allocations.

Another issue that has helped fuel security is neglecting the traditional institutions, not giving the traditional rulers definitive roles to discharge their responsibilities in giving leadership to their respective communities has also contributed to the difficulty in tackling security challenges in the state.

According to him, Gov Dikko Radda has said his administration would allow the traditional rulers some functions, to discharge their responsibilities, and also accord the traditional institutions the necessary importance it deserves, so that they contribute in curbing security menace in the state. 

“I want to believe the governor is serious about it.  I am aware he is currently drafting a document to that effect. That will allow the communities to form local security outfits – which it would not be wrong if I call it “Yan Sa Kai” but in a formal way. 

“Recently the governor  mentioned that his administration would recruit thousands of youth to serve that purpose in various communities of the state. So with this three arrangements on security, I tell you the governor means well, and I see light at the end of the tunnel. And by the grace of God the security challenges would soon be history.

“After security, economy is another challenge in the state. Any state that solely rely on monthly subvention from the federation account to pay salaries and carryout capital projects will never develop. The way out is for the state to develop internally generated revenue. The mineral resources/natural resources and endowment of Katsina state can feed the whole nation. Is it on agriculture, mining, among others Unfortunately, very little of these were being tapped.

“The governor who is a professional and has a PhD in Agric Economics accords serious importance to economic development of the state whereby he wants to leverage on all opportunities the state has in agriculture and the value chains beneath it. 

“There are over 60 irrigation centres in the state which could be used to develop irrigation farming in the state. However, not up to 20 per cent of it has been utilized. 

“I was impressed when the governor appointed a professor of Agro Economics, Bakori, to serve as a Commissioner in his cabinet.”

” So, we can see on economy, security, the governor has a very good plan and if we’ll implemented to 40 per cent, I see no reason why the state history would not change completely in the next two years.”  He submitted.

Mahuta said it is important he came out to bring these issues to the fore for all and sundry in the state, so that they hope for the better.


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