Corruption, indiscipline: KDSG dissolves VIO By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.


Corruption, indiscipline: KDSG dissolves VIO
By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Government has announced the dissolution of the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) due to corruption and indiscipline of the personnel, and their lack of respect for the public.
According to a statement by Samuel Aruwan, Special Assistan Media and Publicity to Governor Nasir Ahmed El-rufai, an Executive Order giving immediate effect to this decision has been signed by the Governor.
According to the statement, all personnel of the VIO are to promptly withdraw from the streets, and the permanent staff of the agency are directed to the Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport.
In the same vein, the casual staff the statement explained has “become surplus to requirements and accordingly dispensed with forthwith. The permanent staff of the defunct VIO are to report to the Commissioner of Works Housing and Transport for further instructions. Anyone found on Kaduna streets purporting to be a VIO from today, Tuesday, 8 December 2015, will be treated as an impostor and will be arrested by the Police for immediate prosecution for impersonation. Appropriate announcements will be made when a replacement agency is ready to commence operations.
“Following deliberations at the Executive Council and the Security Council, the government came to the conclusion that the VIO as currently constituted does not serve the public interest. The government has noted complaints from members of the public and the security agencies regarding widespread indiscipline, misconduct, alleged extortion and disrespect to citizens by VIO personnel.
“Government is taking steps to review and reassign the functions hitherto performed by the VIO. A new structure, fitter for purpose and oriented for proper public service, will be formed and announced soon.
“While a replacement agency for the VIO is in the works, the Kaduna State Government wishes to reiterate that no staff or agency of the public service is allowed to collect or receive cash payments. State laws prohibit the collection of cash revenues by any person, authority or organization. All payments to the government must be conducted through a bank or via electronic channels” the statement concluded.


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