Buhari’s COS warns Villa staff against insubordination


Buhari’s COS warns Villa staff against insubordination
By; Sunday Ode, Abuja.
Chief of Staff (COS) to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mal. Abba Kyari has warned workers in the State House against leaking official letters or sitting on files, threatening that tough sanctions await anybody caught in such acts.
The COS spoke at the send forth of four staff members who either retired or were redeployed or posted to foreign mission from the State House.
He stressed that “but just one thing we cannot tolerate is letters and information going out of this office.  I have seen one with my signature shown to me.
“So I do not know who that is; I do not know why anyone should do that but please make sure that that does not happen.
“Anything that is written, it will come out anyway; it is not a secret; but the bad thing is for it to come out before it is publicly made by the relevant authorities.
“So please don’t fall into this trap of somebody asking you to bring a letter, because if by accident you are found or the letter traced to you, clearly it would not be something that we would tolerate.’’
Accordingly, the President’s man told the workers to remain disciplined, dedicated to their duties, shun gossips in the office and move correspondences faster.
“Those of us who are remaining here, we should remain and rededicate ourselves, not make rooms for small talks or gossip; concentrate and do your job.
“What I want to announce now is that very soon when a full team is constituted the turn-around for any mail should not be more than 48 hours.
“If you think you can’t turn it out within 48 hours then I should know why. Maybe you have to ask some questions from somewhere.
“Please, let no mail remain on any body’s desk for more than 48 hours,’’ Kyari warned.
He charged the workers to embrace the wind of change of the administration, adding that for the Change to have meaning “we have to do things differently.’’
He also cautioned the workers not to abuse the privilege of working in the State House through mischief.
“This office is not about giving contracts. This office is not about peddling influence. This office is not about being paid to make somebody see the President,’’ he said.
The COS recalled a tweet which alleged that people paid up to 40,000 dollars to the office to be taken to the President, describing such rumour  as cheap blackmail. Kyari urged them to ensure the success of the administration and the prosperity of the country as anything contrary would spell doom for the people.
He said: “If this country works it works for all of us. If it fails to work it will fail for all of us.
“If you think there is a passport for you to go to Europe or go to America, there is no single person who does not have an extended family.
“You can go but you are leaving your family behind.”
According to him, efforts should be made to save the country from crisis adding that “We have a President whose only asset is his personal integrity.
“I do not want anything that will touch his integrity.
“So I have to protect that regardless of what anybody says.’’
Those honoured included; Mr Badamasi Gamawa, who retired at 60,  Mr Kabiru Bala and Mr Alexander AJayi, on external posting to Bangkok, Thailand, New York and U.S.A respectively, as well Dr Ohoji Okoko and Dr Joseph Ochogwu, returning to Ministry of Health and Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, respectively.


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