Bindow Has 330,000 Bags Of Votes, More Guaranteed To Be Adamawa’s Next Governor – Joseph Kwaji


The immediate Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow is said to have a bag loaded with 330,000 votes of electorate banked to use in 2023.
Adamawa political analyst, Joseph Kwaji gave the analysis that the former governor has a better chance to win in the 2023 coming elections than any aspirant in the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Kwaji said if truly APC, the opposition has learnt its lessons,  it may not want to toy around with the ample opportunity  this time  by neglecting the Bindow factor as a yardstick to winning the election.
According to him, APC members learnt their lessons the bitter and hard way, none of them will want to remain in opposition for another four years without enjoying the dividends of democracy under the APC.
He revealed that delegates will vote for Bindow who already has 330,000 votes in the bag and there is a supposed 200,000 potential votes that will automatically vote for him as a result of PDP primaries fallout and those aggrieved because of internal party squabbles.
“An advantage of electing Bindow as APC flag bearer is that he is the only candidate in APC that has a guarantee of winning at least four local government areas from each of the three Senatorial Zones because of his tremendous goodwill and support. 
“In addition to this, he is the only aspirant in APC that has a well defined political structure in the 21 local government areas of the state of which a touch of logistics can hibernate the sleepy ones.
“Although he doesn’t believe in money politics because on average Adamawa man appreciates goodwill, humility, and mutual respect more than money, he knows where to source funds to face the accidental Government of Fintiri,” Joseph said
He continued; “On moral grounds, no one is saying Bindow is perfect but as someone who has learnt from winning and losing, who has learnt from doing things at the right and wrong times, who learnt from betrayals and loyalty, who learnt from being punctual in paying salaries to civil servants under the payroll of the state government and  when it comes to local government staff, will be the only one that can break the camel’s back of PDP in Adamawa State.
“The best man for the job is Bindow because he has another opportunity to rescue Adamawa from penury and administrative gangsterism.” He added.


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