Bello Mohammed Goronyo: Solutions To The Challenges Of Water Resources




As Nigeria and indeed the world is facing the challenges of water for various uses, the search for lasting solution is on. The issue of water resources in Nigeria has been a protracted one for decades and yet there seems to be no end in sight, due to the excessive water  shortage in both rural and urban areas.

 Accordingly, with competing water uses, lower levels of irrigation potential, degrading water sheds and courses, fragmented and uncoordinated water development and so much more, there is compelling need for the government to curtail this threatening menace. 

To achieve this, competent and patriotic hands must be brought on board to direct the affairs. This is why it is a welcome development to have lHon. Barrister Mohammed Bello Goronyo as the State Minister for Water Resources. 

Remarkably, so much has written and said about this person that his name has become a household subject of lengthy discussion. Well, to put it straight, Hon. Goronyo has seen it all politically as humanly as possible. 

Goronyo has been tutored by the best in political chess game, Senator Aliyu Magatakardan Wamakko (Sarkin Yamma). 

As his protegee, he was forged by the fire of developmental and strategic political fungibility, where he exhibited tremendous promise, while bringing his wide range of political and personal experience to bear in his personal development as a political gladiator. 

As a teacher, a progressive politician of repute and an accomplished jurist, Goronyo never disappointed in discharging his duties in all the responsibilities he held in his journey of political discovery.

 As a mentee of Magatakardan Wammako, the political grandmaster of Sokoto State, Goronyo has followed the footsteps of his master, never forgetting to serve the people, creating all inclusive platforms and exhibiting higher level of loyalty and recognizing the essence of leadership as harbinger to peace, development and an avenue to serve the people.

 A man of good breeding and candour, whose pedigree both personal, academically and politically remain as intimidating as ever. 

As a Student of Strategic Studies and International Relations, Goronyo will bring to bear his vast expertise in the discharge of his responsibilities as the Minister of State Water Resources. 

With the analysis made above on water resources and sanitation,  President Tinubu’s government has truly engaged a  person whose records do not consider failure as an option. 

As a legal luminary of immense reputation, Goronyo will activate the Water resources Act 101 of 1993 with regard to construction, operations and maintenance of dams. 

With his enormous  wit, political maturity and abundant virtue of generosity with his time and resources; qualities which attracted and caught the attention of the President to appoint him as minister in his new cabinet.

Goronyo would not have the difficulty in attracting local and foreign partners to boost and harness the abundant possibilities in our water resources development. 

According to one writer, “As a Minister, his experience, qualification and leadership abilities will play a pivotal role in contributing to the development of Nigeria. With focus on good governance, inclusive policies and strategic planning, he is well positioned to drive positive change and foster economic growth”.

Without doubt, Hon Barrister Mohammed Bello Goronyo is not only a square peg in square hole, but much more than that. As a legal luminary, a rare political breed, a fine student of strategic studies and an abiding loyalist to his political mentor that has equally carved a niche for himself, he is sure to write his name in the history books yet to be written and an additional asset in the ‘Renewed Hope” Agenda of President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

Yusuf Makarfi, a Political Affairs Commentator writes from Kaduna


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