Bama LG Boss  Launches Distribution Of 10 Keke NAPEP, 10 Jega Tricycles In Banki


By; SADIQ ABUBAKAR, Maiduguri 

In a bid to deliver dividends of democracy to all parts of Bama Local Government Area of Borno State  and to enhance its economic development, the Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Grema Terab in responding to complaints  about the complete absence of transportation system  in Banki Town since the restoration of peace and livelihood activities to the once bubbling border town, has intervened. 

The chairman in his remarks  while launching  the  mass local transport scheme on Monday,  said that once visitors arrive  Banki  Motor Park at the  outskirts and entrance of the town, they would be forced to continue the rest of their journey into town on foot, or bicycles, except   they are lucky  and get lift. 

Similarly, he.said  there existed  no means of transporting  and  moving  goods or luggages from the motor park to the town and other places around, except  carts  (amalanke). 

The LGC Chairman  further explained  that, in line with the Sustainable Rural Development Agenda  (SRDA)  of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, Bama Local Government Council initiated  a  transport scheme  for Banki Town, with the  provision of 10 Keke NAPEPs and 10 Jega tricycle pick-up vans to ease  movement of both people and goods  within the town.

According to him, the  vehicles were distributed to transport unions and various clubs and associations on  subsidized hire purchase basis in order to empower the beneficiaries, lessen the transportation burden and ensure periodic rollover of the programme. 

Grema Terab  narrated that once the beneficiaries finish paying 50% of the cost of the vehicles,  they will be granted full ownership  as an empowerment gesture while the local government council will  continue  to provide  new sets of vehicles to  other beneficiaries on routine.basis.

He  however, warned that no vehicle is allowed to be taken out of Banki Town for any reason at any time, even after securing  full  ownership of the property. 

The 152 Commanding Officer Banki Unit appreciated the chairman and  stressed that they are  hopeful that with this modest effort, movement will be much easier and economic activities will be improved in the border town.


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